Friday, September 12, 2014

Thoughts on Stuff

Remember my last pregnancy, when I blogged about it all the time and took pictures of myself all the time? Yeah, that isn't going to happen again. Clearly. Cause I'm 30 weeks, most of the pictures I've taken are selfies with my iPhone, and I don't have time to blog. Not that I'm not excited at all for this baby, cause I am. And its not that I'm not looking forward to having him or that I'm having a horrible pregnancy or something. That's not the case either. I'm just busy, and life keeps happening, and I have already been pregnant 3 times before, which I blogged about or photographed or what not.

This is when I was like 33ish? weeks pregnant with Witten. I look the same this time, but I'm only 30 weeks right now. Probably the biggest difference is that now I have a grass yard with trees instead of a dirt driveway. But me? The same basic thing.

See? Same chicken legs, same pants I've had since I was pregnant with Ava, same exact shoes I'm wearing in the previous picture. As for any pregnancy updates, I honestly feel the same exact way I did with Witten. I think I have less heartburn, but I've got awhile to go. I have low platelets again, which I've had before. My doctor will induce me at 38-39 weeks again if they're still low later on, which I'm assuming they will be, based on every other pregnancy I've ever had. Typically for me once they're low, they aren't going back up. I'm not concerned. I really am not the type of pregnant woman who will complain about being pregnant. I think its petty. I'm lucky to be able to have this guy (or baby dog as Witten still insists and he never admits if he's wrong) and you will not hear me ever complain about being pregnant. Of course I'm hot, but every person in AZ is hot right now, its hot outside.

The rest of our life is still going steady as usual. My Ava got the Ben's Bells award for kindness at school. So my girls are officially nice to everyone all the time, except for each other.
The girls spent all of Labor Day bugging me to play in the sprinkler, and I let them once the sun went behind the trees.

Witten continues to be a crazy boy, who never backs down from something he wants and if you want to distract him you better create a pretty big diversion.

Like tickling him.
Or letting him jump on his bed.
 Or letting him play with your makeup.
Or boring him till he falls asleep.

I probably have less than 10 weeks left of being pregnant. I've never been the kind of pregnant woman who is in a hurry to be done with being pregnant. Keep the kid in there, I don't mind. They're way less maintenance that way. Also, I have central air with this pregnancy so I don't care if its hot outside, its 72 in my house and I barely have to leave it. I distinctly remember feeling a sense of nostalgia when I was pregnant with Witten, stupidly believing that was my last pregnancy. I blogged about it herehereherehere, and probably a bunch of other times because I had way more spare time back then. This time: I don't really feel that way. Maybe I'm too busy to be alone with my thoughts, or maybe it will hit me around 36 weeks, but this time I don't feel sad that I will never be pregnant again. I especially didn't feel sad about it when I had to do a glucose test a couple of weeks ago and drink that disgusting sugar water. No love lost there. I may change my mind, cause I'm pregnant and I'm prone to that, but for now, I'm good.

We're all good.

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Kerri said...

You do pregnancy well!

So, is the new little guy gonna be named after a Cowboys player too?!


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