Thursday, August 14, 2014

Five Years of Ava

Today my little Ava is 5. She is excited, and I feel exactly the same as I do on all of my kids birthdays: sad and nostalgic. Why is she is kindergarten already, why does she have to be 5? When I started this blog she was just a few months old, she was little and cute and had the longest eyelashes ever. It feels like yesterday that she was small, I hate time.
Ava is the sweetest, most sensitive person I know. Sometimes she actually has to back off a little with the feelings, because Witten doesn't really appreciate her incessant smothering of him.

Ava is reserved around new people, but once you get her talking she will not shut up. She was born Alana's sidekick, and she has never strayed from that role. She doesn't let Alana push her around though, she is pretty bossy for a middle child.
As shy as Ava can be, do not be surprised if she says something crazy or randomly starts singing. She is full of personality, and she expresses herself in her little chipmunk voice, sometimes even in song.

Ava loves being a big sister to Witten, and even though she was keeping her fingers crossed for a little sister this time around, she is excited to have another bratty little brother. I'm sure she will smother him with love just like she does to Witten.

The range of emotions Ava goes through in one day is vast, but she always comes back around to smiling again. It might take awhile, but it will happen.

Ava is the girliest of girls. She will not wear pants or shorts if her life depends on it. Skirts and dresses for life. I basically have to force her to wear leggings under her skirts in the winter, she is opposed to all forms of leg coverings. She loves accessories, especially earrings, and never skips an opportunity to accessorize. I love how girly she is, and that she lets me do whatever I want to her hair as long as its fancy.
Ava is the ultimate momma's girl. She does not leave me or my side unless its necessary, and she requires a lot more encouragement from me to do things. I don't mind that she wants to be with me all the time, I am pretty awesome so who can blame her. She is my little helper, she even unloads the dishwasher and puts away her own laundry. Those kind of things help ease the pain of children growing up, since suddenly they become so useful. 

This girl makes me happy, makes me laugh, makes me crazy. She is sweet and sassy, shy and crazy, and she doesn't take any crap from people. She loves Frozen, all things girly, coloring many many pictures, reading books with me like Little Critter books and Pinkalicious (who Witten also inexplicably loves). She will not be seen in pants or without earrings, and she is always fancy. She will cry at the drop of a hat, but be perfectly fine 5 minutes later, even if that takes a little bit of encouragement to calm her down. I love how quickly she makes friends, and how she is open to be anyone's friend. She is that little piece of sweetness in our lives that we would be lost without. The past five years have flown by, and I'm sure she will be grown up tomorrow. I wouldn't even mind if she was true to her word and never moved out of our house, she could unload my dishwasher forever.

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