Monday, June 18, 2012

The Clock is Ticking

36 weeks

37 1/2 weeks (Saturday people) this is after many brownies, fried chicken, and coconut cream pie - and if you look closely you can see the outline of my outie belly button in the left picture

If you're tired of looking at the basketball sized bump on my stomach rest assured, cause I have less than 3 weeks till my due date. I've been pre-warned by my OB that I'm not going far past 38 weeks, so on Wednesday when I hit 37 I knew my days were ultimately numbered. I don't know yet what that number is though, so everyone can stop asking me. Not that I would tell everyone anyway, but if I don't know I can't really tell you now can I.

Everyone asks me incessantly if I'm done with being pregnant. Define done. Is my body probably ready to be done being pregnant? Sure. But am I? No. My girls are potty trained and sleep through the night. I'm not in any hurry to end the easy routine I have going on. I'm not swollen or over tired or constantly plagued with heartburn or anything. I'm tired, but that will not end with the end of pregnancy. I'm fine with going as long as I have to, no complaining necessary.

I'm ready to hold a baby, but not so eager to change diapers. I'm ready to sleep on my stomach again, but know I won't get to do that much sleeping. I'm tired of driving to Tucson to go to the doctor every week and get weighed, but not enthusiastic about the actual labor and delivery part that will ultimately come after the doctor check-ups. I'm ready to be able to eat more than a small portion of food at one time then be hungry one hour later, but not ready for the incessant hunger that comes right after you have a baby and all you have to eat is hospital food especially if you get induced and aren't allowed to eat before. That's just mean.

I'm ready, my bag is packed minus my makeup and blowdryer and yes I'm taking those to the hospital cause I'm just vain enough to not want to look terrible in every single picture. My days are numbered and I still can't decide whether I want them to go faster or slower, but either way they are going and I have no control over it.

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