Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sold! To the highest bidder

No I'm not selling Ava. I finally sold Ava's travel system on Craigslist. That lady better be grateful for the killer deal she got. Like really grateful.

I must now get over my unnatural sentimental attachment to it and deliver it to someone else who will put their brand new teeny tiny baby in it and form their own memories.

Last year at this time I brought home my teeny tiny 7 lb baby in it.

She was so little and skinny and hairy. Now she is a chubs deluxe. Look at the difference in her thunder thighs! And somehow that one year made her look less Mexican. She needs to get some sun. She's looking kinda pale. Her all over monkey body hair fell out and a bunch more hair grew on the top of her head. She now has almost six teeth. She can walk. She got earrings so now she's officially a woman.

That (almost) one year made a world of difference.

Now I'm off to plan Ava's first year birthday extravaganza. And probably celebrate mine and David's 4 year anniversary.

Maybe make some of the one million dozen taquitos for my sister's baby shower. I'm getting a new niece or nephew tomorrow. I'm secretly hoping for a niece!

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sEy said...

those two pictures really shows the difference!!! Ava looks really healthy! Good luck on the planning!

Kathy Kloos said...

me and you both but I love the name that Nicole picked out for a boy so much that now I'm kinda hoping for a cany really see how much Ava has changed in a year. It's amazing

Nicole said...

So cute! Looks like she was really ready for a new carseat tho lol.

The Mrs. said...

OMG I didn't get rid of the girls travel system until we moved... I know the lady I gave it to threw it out. But I LOVED IT! I hope she didn't toss it!

Happy Early birthday to Ava, and Happy 4th anniversary to you and David!

Anonymous said...

Your baby is too cute. Very adorable pics.

Anyway, I'm a new follower from 20SB. Love your page, it's pretty cute.

Hoping you'll drop by for a visit. The Things We Find Inside


we hate you. love, us said...

Aww, so cute!!!

And congrats on the niece or nephew!!!

JoJo said...

She's beautiful! And I love that now that she has earings she's officially a woman haha. That was great!

Also,congrats that she started walking!!! I caught up a little bit since I've been out of the loop for so long!


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