Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thanks for making a liar out of me lady

Stupid lady who was gonna buy my carseat decided at the last minute she doesn't want it. If she didn't want it she shouldn't of set up a meeting time with me tomorrow, then waited for me to call her to say she changed her mind.

Stupid Craigslist. Stupid lady. Stupid me for buying stuff I didn't need with the money I did have because I thought I'd be $90 richer tomorrow.

Now I have $12 to my name. And 10 diapers. Lucky for me Target's diapers are livable and only cost $6.

If I have any luck at all then someone will call me in the morning wanting to buy it when I'm in Tucson tomorrow to visit my (drumroll please) .........................................NIECE!

I was pretty skeptical about my sister's chances for having a girl after she already had three boys. But anything is possible right? Now my ladies finally have a girl cousin, I have a niece to buy some pink stuff for and David owes Alana $5 (they bet on the gender of the baby, Alana totally won).


MarcyKay said...

Ugghhh I had a horrible experience with craigslist a couple weeks ago but I wasnt the seller, I was the buyer. It sucks but most of the time CL is worth it =) Boo for only having $12 to your name though. We have been there all to often... =/

YAY for GIRLS!! hehe. they rock =)

*B* said...

I've found that CraigsList's best use is for job & apt/house hunting! I was pregnant with my son, & had started doing a little bargain shopping on CL... then of course before I had a chance to go through with any purchases, stories exploded out of all media opportunities about a pregnant woman being slaughtered by a woman who couldn't conceive (or something along those lines). Whatever the awful story was it was enough to run me off. Then the stories about babies being kidnapped by immitation government officials & whathaveyou... I was just an emotional wreck after all of that! haha I didn't even publish a birth announcement, I was too afraid someone would come steal him right out from underneath me!
As for being low on cash, I've been as low as that shorty with the applebottom jeans & furry boots!! &It's not a pretty situation! Being low on funds like that stresses me out completely! The car seat is extremely cute, however, so I'm sure that more than likely it will sell quickly! Repost it! Orrrr... maybe... the new little niece needs a car seat!? :D

Holley said...

boo flaky craigslist people! I've encountered a few myself. Good luck!


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