Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sniff Sniff - The Story of My Unnatural Sentimental Attachment to a Carseat

The day we brought Ava home from the hospital. Look at her skinny legs!

Today I put Ava's infant seat and stroller on Craigslist and almost cried. It actually took me the whole day of debating before I finally caved and just listed it already.

That seat is what we brought her home from the hospital in. Its what she's been riding around in her whole life. And when she switches over to the bigger convertible carseat that Alana used, it will represent a whole new chapter in her life. The toddler years. No more little baby who wants to be held and hug her mommy all the time. An independent and headstrong toddler who walks around and rules with an iron fist.

I know I wasn't this sentimental about Alana's carseat. I hated that cheap piece of junk and switched her to a convertible seat at nine months, then sold the crappy carseat at a yard sale.

I spent a good chunk of change on Ava's travel system. I loved the pattern and was set against anything gender neutral the second time around. So we went with pink and purple. And never looked back.

Now Ava has outgrown it and lugging her into the store in that seat is a real backbreaker. I've kept her in it because she can fall asleep in the store if she's in her seat, but not in the seat of the cart. When she falls asleep in the car and I want to bring her in the house I don't have to worry about her waking up.

I can't rationalize keeping the seat until we have another baby. What if we have a boy next time around? David won't want his son riding around in a pink and purple carseat. Storing it for another two years would be a whole other headache. I could put it in our outside storage room, but I'd be worried that it would get messed up. So the next kid is gonna get another new carseat.

The first time I have to wake Ava up to take her out of the car when she's asleep I'm gonna punch David in the arm. Because this whole "sell the carseat and we can go to Michael's" thing was his idea.

At some point in my life motherhood changed me into a sap who gets choked up over carseats. I can hardly believe it myself. You should see me tear up over a bin of baby clothes. Its ridiculous.

***Post edit: I guess I passed weird unnatural attachment of stuff on to Alana. I also listed our midsize stroller on Craigslist and when she found out she said You can't sell that! Me went to Disneyland in it when me was a baby! Too bad for her it was such a good deal someone already bought it, and they drove to Benson to pick it up!


we hate you. love, us said...

aww, that's adorable. I have ridiculous attachments to silly things like band tshirts that I haven't worn in years, so I don't even know how I could handle having to sell my child's car seat. Your attachment is NOT unnatural!!!

JoJo said...

Well pushing those kids out of your cha cha kind of gives you the right to be a sap every now and then!


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