Tuesday, August 3, 2010

James Cameron isn't as original as he thinks

If you're one of the two people on earth who hasn't seen Avatar yet let me sum it up for you: Big mean bad humans want to rape and ravage some plants on another planet because they want $$$$. Trees feel pain. You can connect with the planet and be at one with it. There is a giant tree to which all other trees and life connect.

There is a big horrible polluting machine that can possibly be used to harvest the $$$$ making stuff from the planet. Humans are mostly villains. They do not consider the consequences of what they're doing. There is a culture of people who live in the area that humans want to destroy. Humans do not care. Etc etc.

I didn't watch most of this movie because A: I was bored. And B: It looks fake to me.

But I saw enough. Enough to know it was totally ripped off from another underrated classic movie. Yes. I'm talking about Ferngully, The Last Rainforest.

Ferngully is about evil humans who want to chop down the "last" rainforest to make some $$$$. They use a big evil machine to cut down the trees. This rainforest in inhabited by tiny little fairies, who fly around talking about how trees feel pain and such. Then a human accidentally gets turned into fairy size and makes a love connection with a hot fairy. Sound familiar? (Just substitute hot fairy for hot blue Na'vi Zoe Saldana).

Eventually the human sees the error of his ways and helps the fairies battle the evil giant machine to save their mother tree.

There are to many parallel story lines for me to even remember. Evil greedy humans. Check. Interspecies love connection. Check. Trees that feel pain. Check. Liberal agenda. Check. Happily ever after(ish). Check.

It took James Cameron years to finally complete Avatar. I think he was probably just waiting for everyone to forget about Ferngully.

If you ask me, Avatar could've used a little more singing and dancing. And maybe a bat voiced by Robin Williams.


chocoholic said...

I haven't seen avatar but from what I hear, it does sound a lot like Fern Gully. I love love Fern Gully.

V said...

OMG YOUR SO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! wow. I loved that movie. I cant believe I didnt put two and two together. Jen your a genious. You should cash in on this discovery! lol

Amy and Luke said...

hey Jennifer

I had a few questions about your comment on my blog....you have an email address? thanks.

SERENA said...

I completely agree!! I've been telling all my friends the same thing for ages, but they won't listen. I cannot believe how everyone made such a big deal out of a movie that a)isn't original b) looks fake and c) is actually pretty boring!
Oh well, leave it up to me to always disagree with the majority of people. lol

The Crump Family said...

Thank You Jennifer!!! I am so glad that I finally have someone on my side about this boring and so sci-fi movie. Everyone thinks I am weird to not be in love with this movie.

Margaret said...

Hell yeah!

Also? Pocahontas.

'Scuse me while I go re-watch Ferngully now.

Janet Dillon Robinson said...

I never thought of that!! :) I definitely saw the parallels between Pocahontas & Avatar, but I like the Fern Gully one better!

I found your blog via 20sb and am now following you.. Find me at:


Gretchen said...

I totally tried to explain the Fern Gully copycat to my husband, who is 12 year older than me, and thus, was a teenager when we were watching Fern Gully. I did make him google it though, to prove that I WAS RIGHT!


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