Thursday, February 26, 2015

You're only as old as you feel, or so I've been told

"Whoa man, fire is amazing...." -Liam

If you are only as old as you feel, I feel 33. That's my actual age though. Its not possible to feel any younger. I mean, I have 4 kids. Its hard to feel 25 when you have 4 kids. You aren't going out to party if you have 4 kids, you are staying home and playing Legos. At this point, now that I am this age, I don't feel like its old. But when I was a kid, and my parents were this age, I definitely thought they were old. Like, really old. They didn't have wrinkles or gray hair, but they were old. And they weren't cool either. Parents aren't cool, not when they're yours. 

Proof that I give zero craps about my birthday at this point in my life can be found in one fact: I scheduled myself a doctor's appointment on my birthday. I could've opted to stay home, or I could've gone out to eat at a restaurant, or anything else that would've been much funner than going to the doctor. And then when I got there I almost cried because of reasons and a shared birthday with my former doctor who just happened to pass away 3 years ago. Then I was all sad again because I was reminded of what a great doctor he was, and I had to come home and eat pie and even that didn't make me feel better. Pie can't heal all wounds, I've lived long enough to learn this. 

I guess at this point I mostly don't mind that I'm getting older. I mean, my 20s were not nearly as good as my 30s so far. I have four perfectly bratty kids, a cute little house, a husband that does the dishes on my birthday, and tons of friends and family that I love. I don't appreciate the fine lines in the corners of my eyes, but what can you do? Maybe tomorrow when I wake up I'll feel 30 or so again, but either way I'm having pie for breakfast. 

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