Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Highlights or something

Last year I posted a review of 2013 and to say it went on forever would be an understatement. It was long. I am not repeating all of that work, my goal is less than 20 100 photos here. I think that's manageable. I'm all about lowering my standards this year. 2015: the year where I reduce my expectations.

In 2014 I started out not really having any official goals or anything. I basically was just doing what I always do, cleaning my house and brushing lots of kid hair and eating cookies. Pretty standard really. Life was pretty simple, nothing too serious happened. We just hung out.
In February we continued to do nothing. We hung out, the kids celebrated Valentines Day, I got older and pretended my birthday didn't happen. Basic February stuff.

In March I found out I was pregnant, but also we pretty much stayed at home while I tried not to throw up or freak out about having 4 kids.

In April there was Easter, and various field trips, and also me trying not to throw up.

In May Alana had field day, Ava graduated from preschool, and Witten continued to act like a crazy person.

In June Witten turned 2, I officially had to start wearing maternity clothes, and we stayed inside because air conditioning. 

In July we hung out at home for the 4th of July where my children all ran back inside screaming because they were scared of the fireworks, we found out baby #4 was a boy, and school started back up, this time with Alana going to 2nd grade and Ava going to kindergarten. 

In August Ava turned 5, I hung out at home with Witten in our air conditioning, and I did as little as possible because it was so hot outside. I literally felt like I was melting every afternoon when I went to pick the girls up from school, so there was no way I was going out any more than I had to.

In September I really cannot think of anything out of the ordinary that we did. Pretty much every picture I have from that month is at our house, so clearly we did nothing exciting.

In October Alana turned 8, we celebrated Halloween, and I ate approximately 50 mini Reese's peanut butter cups from my kids Halloween candy. I believe that's quite an accomplishment, not that I'm bragging.

In November we welcomed Liam into our family, which was a pretty big event. Besides Thanksgiving I tried to spend the rest of the month at home as much as possible, mostly because I was tired and didn't want to fall asleep in public.

In December we pretended that our Christmas tree hadn't been up since Veteran's day, David wrapped all of our presents because I kind of hate doing it, and we celebrated Christmas which involved way too many presents. It was Liam's first Christmas, not that he cared about anything but staring at the lights on the tree, and all of our kids were so spoiled by everybody that I'm still opening toy boxes.

Although it doesn't look like we really did a lot this year, everything and nothing changed for us. We added another person, but our lives were already about spending time together and keeping things low key. Liam has made our family complete, and after 2014 nothing will ever be the same, but that's okay with me, because I like everything the way it is right now.

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Heather said...

Go you! Blogging superstar. Great recap and I bet you spent a million hours going down memory lane as you tried to narrow it down. So many cute pictures of your kids.


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