Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New year, same me

I don't necessarily believe in New Year's resolutions. I mean, I get wanting to improve yourself/be healthier/etc. That's fine. But why wait? Life doesn't reset when the year changes, all that is different is the calendar. I typically don't even bother making resolutions, plus, I hate exercise. This year I did decide to quit eating processed sugar/sweets for the month of January, but I'm not counting that as a resolution. I'm considering that a way to stop eating cookies every day of my life, nothing against cookies.

I am okay with being the same me I was in 2014 for all of 2015, minus a few hundred cookies. 2014 was good, it brought a lot of surprises. I started it with 3 kids, and my "baby" was 18 months old. Then life decided 3 kids was too easy, 3 kids wasn't a big enough challenge. In March I found out I was going to have a 4th kid, because clearly I had too much time on my hands with just the 3. I was apprehensive, because I have little sanity left at the end of the day, but things turned out okay. This guy is pretty cute, so that helps. He is also very serious when he's asleep. 

Even after 2014 brought me a surprise baby, I still can't be mad at it. This is pretty generous of 2014 after all, I didn't even ask it for anything, and I didn't give it anything in return. All I did was keep on going on through my life, trying and sometimes failing to do my best. Sometimes I just said Screw it! and quit things while I was ahead, but I'm okay with that. I can live with my choices.

I've never been someone who was inherently unhappy with who they are. I'm more of a I can't really change most things so its easier to accept them kind of person. I don't look at this as settling for things, I look at it as being realistic. I'm always going to be the same kind of person, no matter what the year on the calendar says. It doesn't matter what I weigh, what I wear, how many cookies I eat although I'm working on reducing that number, or where I am in life. I would rather just be happy being myself than anxiously waiting for January every year to try and change who I am. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to make resolutions. That's probably part of it. 

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