Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013: A Sort of Review

I started this post as an all-inclusive no holding back too many pictures to count complete review of all of 2013. But Blogger? It had other plans. It was all I don't think so lady. You're only on February and I already consider this amount of pictures to be completely insane and I FORBID IT. So instead, let's just summarize and include as many pictures as possible. I'll keep it brief. If I can. I've been known to rant. On occasion.

January: Is it totally horrible that I have no idea what we did during this month? I mean, January is so blah. I am pretty sure we were just lost in our routine, hanging out at home, and watching Witten grow. Nothing extraordinary, but still pretty great.

February: I had a few cute little Valentine's, my birthday (boo), and we made kind of a big decision to finally move out of our tiny duplex. There was a zoo day where it was like 70 degrees, and a snow day where it was like 40. Arizona likes to mess with your head like that.

March: We finally closed on our house, right in the middle of spring break, so we got to move (yay!).
I'm pretty sure all that I did that month was pack/unpack. I'm never moving again, especially with a baby. It was not fun, but it was worth it. There was also Easter in that month, I should probably mention that right?

 April: I have no idea what we did, except for the stuff that I took pictures of. According to my pictures, we sat around our house, I started the long process of growing grass in our front yard, and we went to the zoo on a field trip. NONSTOP EXCITEMENT.

May: If only I had a blog or something to help me remember each month's activities....There was Mother's Day, school got out, and we played outside some more. As always, endless amounts of excitement.

June: Alana had swimming lessons, tennis camp, and dance camp. Besides that we stayed home to enjoy our air conditioning, went to the movies a whole bunch of times, and went to the pool. Witten turned one in June, so we partied to celebrate and I had to gradually come to terms with him growing and walking and being a wild monster baby. Its still touch and go.

July: I try to stay home as much as possible during July and August, because it is oppressively hot. We still managed to get out some to go swimming, celebrate 4th of July, and eventually send Alana back to school to start the first grade. 

August: Ava turned 4 and started preschool on the same day, and I tried to avoid outdoor activities (besides inevitable yardwork from the grass that I finally managed to grow!). 

September: Alana started soccer, the weather cooled down to only 90 degrees, football season started, and we settled into our school routine. 

October: Alana turned 7 and somehow convinced me to let her have two parties, there was two weeks off of school for fall break, we went to Disney Princesses on Ice and David turned thirty-something on the same day, Alana lost half of her teeth, I went to the pumpkin patch for field trips two days in a row, and of course Halloween. 

November: School, work, routine, soccer finally ended and Alana was sad about it, we went and saw Frozen, I may have put up our Christmas tree, and Thanksgiving. 

December: Christmas plays, Christmas cookies, Christmas decorations, Anchorman 2 (arguably the best thing in this list) and Christmas. 

If you made it through all that, congratulations, you deserve a medal. But really, you're the lucky one...


CatDee said...

Haha loved that..
Those kiddos need to stop growing up so quick..I feel really old now.
Is Witten getting brighter hair than the girls or is it only the light in the pictures?

Jennifer said...

People say that about his hair all the time, I think his hair is definitely lighter than their hair. Maybe because its so much shorter and it gets a little bit lightened by the sun, I don't know. I guess my blonde hair is showing up somewhere lol.


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