Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Wrap Up

I'm sitting here in my living room. Its quiet, Witten is asleep, and the girls are at school. Frankly, its a little depressing. I already miss summer break. Laying around, swimming every day. Now I have to get up every day and take my kids to school, and our pool is empty in the backyard and waiting to get put away. Sad.

We didn't have that eventful of a summer. And that was the point. We went to the movies and out to eat. We swam and went to the library. We found out we are having another boy. And we enjoyed our air conditioning, I cannot believe I lived through 3 pregnancies with a swamp cooler. Most of all, we just spent all of our time together. I may have felt like a hostage of fighting children some days, but I also had two helpers who unloaded the dishwasher for me and helped me cook stuff. Someday they will cook stuff for me! When the girls aren't home, I miss them. Even if they spend too much time arguing over who gets to be iCarly.

I guess since summer break is over, I should post about some of it. But only because I have nothing better to do. You're lucky I'm bored...

There was Father's day, and various pictures associated with it. We didn't really do anything spectacular, we just went to IHOP early that morning, thanks to our loud freezer for waking us all up at a ridiculous time that day. Then we hung out at our house, and played outside or something. I'm sure we also watched Family Feud that day, since David loves to make me watch that show, and I really hate it.

My kids basically bugged me to go outside as much as possible, but I always waited till it wasn't AS smoldering hot out. No midday sun for me, I like the indoors.

The third Saturday in June David's cousin got married, which my kids were unreasonably excited for. David got all fancy in a suit and Alana covered herself in lipstick, so of course we took lots of pictures. And of course the tripod shifted just enough to cut me out of a bunch of pictures before I realized the problem. Never buy a cheap tripod! I also got no pictures of David with his cousin who actually got married. I'm sure the wedding photographer got something, see her about that one.

The next weekend my Witten boy turned 2, so we had a party. What can I say, we are party animals. If having carnitas, beans, and rice with 30 of your relatives makes me wild, then I guess that's what I am. Witten got a little bit shy when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him, but he came around again when he got to blow out his candle and then open presents. Of course my girls were traitors and insisted that they get to take a picture with my Aunt Beth. They never want in a picture with me....

The next weekend was 4th of July. Can you see why I kept the weekdays free, every weekend was a party! We went to the parade, since its literally 100 feet from our house, but then we did nothing but eat and light sparklers the rest of the day. The girls made a big deal out of staying up to watch the fireworks, which we can see perfectly from our front porch, but as soon as the first one went off all 3 of my kids freaked out and we had to go inside. David was the only one who watched them. I think the girls had forgotten how loud they are, we hadn't had 4th of July fireworks in a couple of years. Personally I think they are kind of boring, I'd rather stay inside and eat s'mores instead, so that's what we did.

After 4th of July was over we only had a couple of weeks left of summer. We went to the movies, finished back to school shopping, and swam. My kids were obsessed with swimming, even Witten, so we had to play in our pool every afternoon. They have crazy tan lines as proof.

That's pretty much it. We stayed home and went places, but nothing spectacular. We went outside to swim, and stayed inside to watch movies and eat popcorn. Teen Beach Movie made many appearances this summer, but not as many as last. Many games of Uno were played, especially after Ava got over her aversion to saying the word "Uno". Alana worked on her swimming, but in 2 feet of water. Ava worked on writing her name for kindergarten, and luckily for her I named her something with only 3 letters. Witten worked on driving them both crazy, but he naps for 2 hours every day so they put up with him. If every summer for the rest of their childhood is this good, I will be perfectly happy with that, and that's enough for me.


Heather said...

You look stunning in that blue dress.

Kerri said...

Beautiful pictures- you're becoming quite the photographer! And I agree about the teal dress- it's gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I'm trying to find another reason to wear it lol, I might just wear it everywhere since its so comfy


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