Sunday, December 8, 2013

Procrastination Champion of the World

I was going to write a post, but then I had stuff to do. And a 5 page term paper/book report to write on a book about Cleopatra that I didn't even read yet. I had laundry to fold. And my kids expect me to feed them like 3-4 times a day, which is getting ridiculous. Life is busy. Life is crazy. I stay up too late every night, just because I can. In theory I could blog at that point in my day, but David is yelling at whatever sporting event is on TV and my brain says no, just look at Pinterest. So I do. I listen to my brain most times.

In just over a week I will be done with school for this semester and I have to say THANK GOODNESS. I'm tired of learning, I want to read a book for fun. I'm a nerd, but a lazy one.

My house is decorated for Christmas, my tree has actually been up for a really long time. I have an excuse though. Its a good one. Wait for it....
Maybe I'll tell you later.

Witten keeps me busy some days. He. is. wild. He climbs on stuff, gets into cupboards, and jumps off of the couch. Everyday he makes a mental to-do list of bratty things to accomplish, and he does not procrastinate like me. He gets it done. An over-achiever, this boy.
Ava has been up to her usual, watching iCarly and whining about stuff. That's what she does, especially if Alana isn't home. When Alana is home they play together, and fight together. I'd like to think its mostly playing.
And Alana, she is the same sweet and outgoing lady she's always been. She does so good in school, she loves learning. I think she likes making friends just as much though, which is a lot. She loves playing school, and reading, and those are both hobbies I can fully endorse.
I'm hoping to "catch up" on blogging during Christmas break. That's one of my goals, along with washing my hair as little as possible, wearing yoga pants daily, and not leaving my house before 9 am. Its good to have goals, gives you something to work towards, or something to postpone...

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