Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ballerina Girl

In my blogging laziness I've been falling behind in recording our day-to-day stuff, and one thing I want to record is my little ballerina girl. Alana took a week-long ballet/jazz class a couple of weeks ago, and while she isn't quite ready to star in her own personal version of the Nutcracker, she was so cute dancing around.

She learned to skip which I'm not really thrilled about cause so much skipping is occuring and she learned various spins and turns and jumping around things. It was...interesting. She didn't have an "official" ballet outfit, but she had a pretty blue tutu and we fancied her up with some mascara and lipgloss, and she just looked so. old. It was like a preview of her at 16 and it made me a little sad that she was so grown up.

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