Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Summary So Far

Whether I document it or not, my life keeps on moving forward. Things I've failed to blog about recently: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Witten's "Official" one year post, 4th of July, the almost-end of summer, Alana's impending first day of first grade, etc. I'm going to lump almost all of those things together today, just for the sake of efficiency and laziness. Sooo.....

Mother's Day. We aren't really a family who makes a big deal about every holiday, including Mother's Day. We didn't do anything especially special, just stayed home and then I went to my sister's where Witten cried most of the time because he didn't feel good, or he really hates Mother's Day. I made my own breakfast, but mostly because I wanted eggs benedict and that doesn't fall under the category of Things David knows how to cook. Alana made me tons of colorings and cards, at least 10, and I already had a beautiful flower pot that she had made at school. Ava even made a large quantity of masterpieces, she was a coloring fool that day.

Father's Day was next, but David declined to be photographed that day. Unlike Mother's Day we didn't just stay home with our kids, we went to the movies without them. Way more relaxing than Mother's Day! It was nice to see a movie that wasn't animated and wasn't Superman. Its also nice to have a husband who my kids are excited to see at the end of the day and who is always here when we need him, you can't underestimate how important a good daddy is. I definitely need him to help me maintain my sanity with these hooligan children. I think I'll keep him, maybe.

I think Witten's birthday deserves its own post, so now I'm proceeding to 4th of July. The past two years we opted out of going to the parade. Its hot, I didn't want to get up and get dressed and get in my car, blah blah blah. But....we just moved into a house that's like 50 yards from where my family sits to watch the parade every year. There goes all my excuses, I really have no reason not to go to the parade anymore. Since we were going to the parade anyway we had my family come over for breakfast burritos beforehand and then all went over and sweated through the parade. It was fun, but so hot. Afterwards we all went our separate ways for the day and we retreated back to the air conditioned comfort of our house.

In early afternoon the girls got restless and wanted to go to David's parents house to play, so we let them do that and Witten, David, and I all went to Tucson to go to Eegee's, Dairy Queen, and the mall. We are real thrillseekers, I know. Then we lit sparklers at David's parents house since they have a fenced in backyard and no one could see us breaking the law like rebels. Out of my 3 kids Alana is the only one who can really play with sparklers. She holds it out at a distance like its going to bite her, but she holds it. Ava runs away screaming like sparklers are going to attack her, and Witten wants to harness the power of its fire to use for his own benefit.

Besides holidays and the insane amount of movies we've seen like Superman, This is the End, Monsters University, Fast 6, and White House Down, we have mostly stayed home. Alana did some camps at the beginning of the summer, but after that our days have been pretty laid back and I've changed out of my pajamas as little as possible.

My boy turning one threw me for a loop and I spent a whole day decorating for his party and feeling sorry for myself, but that's a whole other post.

Soon Alana will be starting first grade (in 13 days?!!) and our days will go back to being a little more routine and a little less lay around on the couch. Ava will pretend to be sad but I'm sure she'll be glad to be in control of the TV programming once again. They'll miss each other a little bit for that 7 hours everyday though. Maybe just a tad. 

And now, to cap off this long and winding post, even MORE photos from our summer so far. Go big or go home, that's what I always say. Well I might have said it like once before. 


Brian and Janette said...

Jennifer--you are ADORABLE!!! That's all.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Janette!


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