Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Shortest Years of My Life

There is surely a space/time paradox involved with childhood, especially that first year of babyhood. One day you are pregnant, then the next day they are already turning one, walking around, getting into things, being wild hooligan children. Time is cruel. I hate it.

I get all weepy when my kids turn a new age, as if I didn't just have an entire year to prepare myself for this moment. The problem with that is that I just spent the year adjusting to the age they just turned. I'll just be coming to terms with 2, then BAM!, they're 3. I cannot imagine how I'll feel when they are grown, I don't even like thinking about it.

When I had Alana I can't remember any real disbelief at how fast she grew. Truth is, I wanted her to be bigger, do more things. That was so naive of me. But still, before I knew it, she was one.

When I had Ava I realized just how quickly my first baby had grown up. Suddenly Alana seemed huge, and I got a reality check about how fast the last two years had gone. Ava's first year was gone in a moment, and before I knew it I was on here whining about Ava's birthday. Now she is 3, going on 13, and its hard to believe she used to be a small and shy baby girl.

Now that I'm on my third (and possibly final) kid, you would think I was more prepared for his first birthday. Not that I'm unprepared, I have party stuff and we bought him a present on wheels cause this dude loves him some cars and he is wearing big boy clothes more than onesies. Its that I'M NOT READY TO LET GO OF BABYHOOD. Can you hear me on that one? I can't handle how fast my boy has grown up. Witten is my little guy, he is sweet and cuddly, but one year olds are monsters and I'm not ready for that stage yet. Ready or not though, he is one and he is a monster. A cute, lovable monster, but a monster.

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Kerri said...

Ooh, so there might possibly be more?!?! How exciting. I know what you mean though & I swear it goes by the fastest when you're pretty positive it's your last child.


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