Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Belated Blogging: A Field Trip

About two weeks ago Alana's class went on a field trip to the zoo. I went with the kindergarteners on the bus, because apparently I would like to eventually go crazy. David brought up Ava and Witten separately, because they like the zoo too. Who doesn't, right?

It was a pretty calm morning, all things considered. There were so many parents that drove up there separate from the bus that the amount of actual chaperoning that needed to be done was minimal, so we were free to go off separate with our own little group of kids and look at the zoo at a leisurely pace. The favorite animals among our group were the giraffes, the peacocks (which aren't actually an exhibit they just wander around the zoo), the baby elephant and two other midsized elephants who were fighting, and the otter (there are usually two, who knows where the other one was).

I am not one of those people that takes my camera to the zoo and takes 500 pictures of the animals. I know what lions look like, I don't need a bunch of pictures. That's what the internet is for, among other things. I do take my camera to take pictures of my wild children though, at an environment that isn't their normal one. Out of captivity.

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