Saturday, April 20, 2013

There's a First Time for Everything

Every time that we do something we haven't done in awhile, my kids get all excited about the prospect of doing whatever that thing is in our new house.

We're having corn on the cob for dinner tonight you say? Awesome, this is the first time we've had corn for dinner at our new house!

We're going outside to blow bubbles? First time blowing bubbles at our new house! Double bonus points for grape scented bubbles!

Its time to take a bubble bath after dinner? First bubble bath in our new house! We're gonna be so clean in our new house!

Clearly, even though we've lived here for a full month, the novelty has yet to wear off. Every movie, book, food, TV show or whatever is TOTALLY LIKE BRAND NEW AGAIN because we are watching it or having it or reading it in our new house.

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