Monday, April 29, 2013

Milestones: 10 Months Old

I put this post off for a few days, as if that would help delay the aging of my boy. It didn't, he's still growing and smothering me with kisses. The older he gets the less cooperative he is with these monthly onesie stickers. Little stinker, he didn't even leave it on there for long enough to get one picture. He thought it looked delicious, and he has no willpower.

This boy is working hard at growing up. He has 6 teeth, two of them aren't quite half way through, but they're there, completely his gap-toothed redneck smile. I felt a 7th tooth down on the bottom this morning too, just starting to make its presence known. Luckily the fever and fussiness that came with the other teeth breaking through didn't accompany this one. It was a surprise tooth. He is officially the master of crawling. Before he started crawling he perfected the sitting-to-crawling and then back again transition, so that he can get up off of the floor and into a sitting position all by himself. He can also get up onto his knees and pull himself onto stuff, but he stays on his knees, he doesn't quite stand all the way up, just enough to be a nuisance and be able to reach stuff on the couch or stand partway up in the bathtub.

Witten is a man who likes to make discoveries. He recently learned that he could use his newfound crawling skills to actually leave the living room. His explorations mostly take him straight to his own room to play with toys, but he also enjoys a good crawl to the kitchen, laundry room, or to the hallway to mess with the vacuum. He would venture outside onto the porch, but the door threshold acts as kind of a cattle/baby guard. He won't cross it. That probably won't last forever, but its nice for now.
Another one of his discoveries recently was his, well, man parts. Whenever he is diaperless he double checks to make sure everything is intact, I don't think that will change much as he gets older. 

He still tips over occasionally in the bathtub, so I've been giving him a lot of baths in the kitchen sink, which is convenient since our new sink is pretty big and plenty deep for bathing chubby babies who've been eating too many pancakes. 

Witten still nurses for most of his meals, having decided a few months ago that he would not under any circumstances take a bottle from anyone I leave him with for a little while. That kind of makes it hard to go anywhere, so no childless trips to the movies have been planned until after he turns one. He still eats some purees if I take the time to feed them to him, and he loves to eat Puffs or Cheerios or any finger foods I give him, they keep him occupied while I make dinner. 

As far as sleep goes, its hit and miss. I sleep trained him to go to sleep on his own, which is great, and he's been doing it for every nap since then. Sometimes he cries for a minute or two, but he always goes to sleep pretty quickly and he's taking way more naps because of this. The only recent hurdle we'll have to get over with this is that he can get into a sitting position on his own, so a couple of times I went to check on him after laying him down and he was sitting up in his bed, chewing on stuff. Naps seem to go okay, but night time sleep is still kind of crappy. He can soothe himself to sleep initially, but when he wakes up in the middle of the night he is restless and somehow ends up asleep next to me. I'd like to remedy this, but I have no conscious recollection of ever picking him up. I get up, lay him with me, and go back to sleep without ever fully waking up and realizing it. 

Overall I'm still pretty head over heels for this baby dude. He charms me, what can I say, he's the one. He likes to sit on my lap and snuggle, but he's equally happy sitting on the floor for the entire morning and playing with his toys. He loves to crawl over and give extra attention to anyone who happens to have food to share with him, especially his daddy. Daddy will always share his lunch, that much can be counted on. 

This devilish guy has me pretty much in love, borderline obsessed. He's super cute, plus he's squishable, plus he's all mine. I think I'll keep him.

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