Friday, April 19, 2013

Everyday Decisions

My house is always pretty clean. Like, I clean it all the time and vacuum daily and put a lot of effort into it. My hair, its another story. I'm lucky if I wash it every other day. It doesn't look that bad if I skip a day, but it doesn't look that good either.

Instead of getting dressed everyday and washing my hair that is a color that looks greasy and dirty if I skip washing it, I vacuum daily. Instead of putting on eyeliner and some mascara cause I have blonde freaking eyelashes that are impossible to see, I clean the toilet and the bathroom sink. Instead of changing out of yoga pants, I fold large quantities of laundry.

Part of my brain says that my house needs to be clean, some type of proof of how hard I work all day. But that same part of my brain could not care less if I look like a slob, I think it even encourages it as further proof, like I was so busy busy busy scrubbing the floors that I never changed out of these green plaid pajama pants.

Having a kid in school is some motivation to get dressed, but it still isn't enough of a reason to convince me to wash my hair everyday. Or to put on makeup instead of just tinted sunscreen (works about the same anyway) and some sunglasses. I don't go to the school looking like I just rolled out of bed, I just look average and try not to appear to be a HUGE SLOB. I have some standards at least, I don't wear patterned pajama pants, that's where I draw the line. I will wear solid colored yoga pants, which have never been to yoga, but nobody knows that.

Is there a reason I have to pick between a clean house and clean hair? There shouldn't be, but the effort it takes to have both of those things seems to be more than I want to exert. I have to talk myself into getting up to wash my hair, but as soon as Witten falls asleep every morning I immediately vacuum and clean up his toys. Ultimately, when faced with the decision over which of us I want to look nicely maintained, I pick my house over my hair. If only people could see how clean my house is, then they would understand.

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