Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Promise of Tomorrow

Every night before bed my girls reveal their grandest dreams and hopes for the next day.

Tomorrow can I eat five popsicles?
Tomorrow will you play Barbies with me?
Tomorrow can I stay home from school? And then make a fort in the living room and watch a movie on the laptop on it?
Tomorrow can we have spaghetti for dinner and can I wear my Princess Sofia shirt?
Tomorrow can I get a cherry-berry chiller from McDonald's?

Their plans aren't big, and are usually within reach. They are doable. If those things are all that is required to make them happy, consider them done.

Sometimes though, things are beyond my control.

Tomorrow can we go to Disneyland and meet Merida and she can teach me how to use a bow & arrow?
Tomorrow can we fly somewhere up high to have a picnic?
Tomorrow can we watch the movie Bambi but have his mom not die?

While these things aren't impossible (except the Bambi one, which I'd change if I could) they aren't going to happen anytime soon, although everyone could use a trip to Disneyland once in a while. I can't orchestrate every detail of our lives, all I can do is work with what we're given and try to build a good tomorrow out of that.

All my kids need is hope, and something to strive for, and they're happy. They don't need fancy toys or anything expensive, they just want me to play with them tomorrow and they're satisfied with their lot in life. They go to sleep every night content with what they have, just hopeful for tomorrow and its unknown excitement.

There are times when I'm less than excited about the prospect of tomorrow. Like, every Sunday night when I had to work/attend school the following day, ever. But I lived through those Mondays to tell the tale, and the dread the next one equally. As dreadful as the start of a new work week always is, its still a fresh chance, everyday full of opportunities to eat popsicles or go to Disneyland, if those are the kind of things that float your boat.

Tomorrow is always on its way, we should all prepare for it by buying more popsicles and readying our Barbies for hours of endless playtime.

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