Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Stuff

We try to keep our Easter low key, and this year we did just that. I managed to get our Easter stuff up about a week before the holiday, since I had just finished unpacking last week. I also managed to reign in the basket fillings so they all fit into one small basket. Victory for the battle against crap!

Most of our Easter story I'm just going to tell in pictures, they kind of speak for themselves. It was my dude's first Easter, which made me kind of sad to think that he is running out of first holidays. Insert sad face emoticon here. It was also our first holiday in our new house, although we didn't spend the whole day here. It was a fun and quiet day, with lots of candy, playing outside, and obligatory bunny-eared pictures.

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Jess said...

Adorable children! I can almost never get my kids to smile at the same time for pictures. When I manage to catch a good shot, I treasure it! They're getting a little better now that they're 4 and 5. Here's hoping...


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