Friday, April 5, 2013

House Pictures: The Important Stuff

Let's just get to business here. You don't need to read about what my kitchen and living room look like, you want to see it. So go ahead and take a look...
I usually keep one of these on my kitchen floor. He's cute and he'll eat the crumbs.

I forgot to set a kitchen timer on these cookies, so I couldn't leave the kitchen or I'd forget about them. That's about when I decided now was a good time to take pictures of my kitchen.

I told myself that my new fridge (which didn't come with the house and we had to buy separately) wouldn't look like a disorganized bulletin board all the time. Who was I kidding? I have kids, they make masterpieces, they hang them up. That's my life.

I have so much more counterspace there are entire areas that have nothing on them. Not that I'm complaining.

I love having a new stove, that works properly. I also love that the oven heats to the temperature its set to.

My kids have their own personal table in the kitchen, since the dining room table is on carpet. They eat breakfast and lunch here, then we take a gamble at dinnertime and let them eat over the carpet. Its terrifying the things I do for my children.

This picture portrays one of my new favorite things: the dishwasher. David didn't want a dishwasher, cause he already had one, she was named Jennifer. But I LOVE having a dishwasher, they are a great invention. Honorable mention: the garbage disposal. It eats soggy rice krispies like a boss.

Love this boy, love this rug

Its kind of hard to tell, but the cabinets are so tall, they go almost all the way to the ceiling. I'm fairly tall, but I have to keep a stepladder in the kitchen so I can reach stuff on the top shelves. Makes me feel short.

Its nice to be able to look out of the kitchen and see the entire living room. Fewer shenanigans can happen in there this way.

This sink is approved by Witten's butt, since we tested it out by giving him a bath in it.

Stuff I already owned looks cuter in a new kitchen.

I had this same stuff (different fruit probably) on the counter in my old kitchen. It took up about half of the counter.

The cabinets go almost all the way up, plenty of room for excessive amounts of Life cereal.

We rarely drink coffee, so I put that junk up high so I'm not up on the stepladder constantly. But tall cupboards are useful to store lots of junk.

Its hard to tell how awesome my curtains are, you'll have to take my word for it. They started out as a shower curtain, who says Pinterest isn't useful?

I'm also happy to have a fridge that I can actually fit tons of food into, considering the large quantities of beverages we must have at all times.

So many drawers, so many sippy cups

Love these pull-out shelves, even though I have to stack pots & pans, instead of my previous strategy of opening the cupboard, throwing it in, and hoping for the best.

Tall, skinny cupboards for baking sheets.

Lazy suzan cupboard full of crappy food
We've now entered living/dining space. This shelf is now home to random picture frames, frequently read children's books, and random stuff that is in limbo (like Witten's Easter basket, and my camera most of the time).

Dining room area, as seen from the hallway.

Any suggestions on how to protect carpet from kids and their food? We can't realistically keep them from eating in here since that's where our table is. Should I just buy a tarp?

Living room, as seen from the front door.

Another shelf, obviously. This one houses more picture frames, picture books, and the cupboard hides our modem/router/printer so I don't have to look at all of that necessary ugly stuff.

We majorly downsized our entertainment center, but this one actually fits our giant TV better. And of course there's always a basket of my dude's toys in the living room, since he can't really just leave the room and go get something to play with. He's working on it though.

My couch doesn't look this squished down in person. But clearly, we sit in the same area most of the time. And apparently we slouch a lot. P.S. I hate that chair, its ugly. But its so damn comfortable.

I had to actively try to not be shown in the reflection on the TV.

I think I need a bench/long narrow ottoman for this area. I've already mentally placed it there.

Living room, seen from the dining room area, also featuring Alana on the porch.

I still have pictures of the master bedroom to post, but they're not that exciting. I spend way more time in the kitchen. 


Heather said...

Beautiful! I love all the light and space in your kitchen. Great job and congrats again!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I actually had to make it a point to take these pictures with my SLR because the light from the windows confuses my iPhone camera, its so bright in there. I'm not complaining though, I love it!

CatDee said...

Love the light as well..what a beautiful place.
And loving the easter pics!
I should move to the US too..we had snow on easter..

Kerri said...

Such a clean house! Wanna be my housekeeper?!

Love the new place!


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