Saturday, March 30, 2013

House Pictures: Not as exciting things like the bathroom

My old house was dark and dingy and not something I wanted to show off. I wasn't ashamed of it, but the dark doors and small windows made it not as bright. This house is bright. Like, I had to completely change all of my go-to camera settings. I don't even have to open the curtains and I have more natural light inside of here than I know what to do with.

Even though this house is clean and shiny and bright, there are still rooms that aren't as exciting to show pictures of. But they're still rooms that I'm glad to have. Rooms with huge improvements from what we were living with before.

My new bathroom is bright, with a frosted window and two different light fixtures. That makes it much easier to see what my makeup actually looks like. It also has a giant linen closet that goes all the way to the ceiling, with more space than I know what to do with.
I really love fresh and clean white towels. And their most important feature: you can bleach them!

There are two stickers on the exterior of this window that are BUGGING ME. I need a ladder to get to them, or they'd be gone.

I love love love this faucet. And the countertop. And the undermount sink. Not so much the Buzz Lightyear nightlight, but I do have kids, so you know.

And the laundry room:
We sold our old mismatched and crappy washer and dryer and just bought these right before we moved. Its nerdy how excited I was to have them delivered.

During our selling spree we got rid of our entertainment center, which housed all of the coloring books and crayons. So then I had to rethink where to keep them so they aren't spread throughout the house all the time. My current solution (cause I like to move crap around sometimes) is a white utility shelf right outside of the girl's room. It has a home, it is right by their room, and its easy enough to get to.

The hallway:

Is the hallway a room? I'm gonna go with yes. If I have to vacuum it, its a room. This one is giant compared to our last house. And it has lights in it, so it doesn't resemble a cave. I've hung all of the pictures I have to hang, and I still have two empty walls. My picture frame buying addiction is in danger of becoming out of control. The hallway also contains one of my favorite things: the thermostat to the air conditioner. Can't live without that.
After I clean up the mess of Easter I'll post more pictures. Stay tuned!


CatDee said...

Love the new place!
So nice and bright!

Are the girls sharing a room? I got a bit confused, as there you only showed one bed? :D

Jennifer said...

They do share a room, but about half of the time Ava sleeps in the living room. When she does sleep in there she sleeps with Alana, but we'll probably get them a trundle bed or bunk bed in the future.


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