Thursday, March 28, 2013

MIlestones: 9 Months

The past month has gone by super fast. We've been so busy packing, then moving, then unpacking, that all of  the days just flew by. My poor dude spent way more time playing by himself than he should have. His absentee mommy is finally done with all of the extra work that comes with moving and can sit on the floor and play with him.

The dude is really busy trying to learn to crawl. Its not a skill he has mastered yet though, he's working on it. He scoots all over on his butt, reaches all around him towards stuff so that he's on his hands and knees, then uses his hands to push himself back up to sitting. He gets where he wants to go though, and he's put a lot of miles in just by scooting around. He's also trying to pull himself up onto stuff. Dude, slow it down some. I'm not ready for that. If you sit down by him with something he wants (mostly food or the laptop) he will find a way to get to you, then proceed to maul/tackle you to get what he wants. He's a beast.

He is still hovering around 18 pounds, and probably about 2 feet tall. He's heavy if you carry him around for awhile, but he's really not that chubby, aside from his cheeks. He's got some thigh rolls, just enough to squish and squeeze, but most of him is just solid muscle. He's my little linebacker baby.

As far as food goes he still eats some purees, but I've been so busy I've barely fed him any. He does enjoy cheerios and Kix though, but he's still working on perfecting that pincher grasp, so right now he grabs large handfuls of them and then shoves them in his mouth. He will drink water out of a sippy cup, but lately if he is with my in-laws and they try to give him a bottle he won't take it. He prefers his milk straight from the tap.

Witten really loves sitting on the floor, surrounded by a pile of toys, and just going crazy and throwing them all over. He chews on them, slobbers on them, and throws them. If he gets bored with that he will play with his almost favorite toy, the box that some Melissa and Doug toy balls came him. That box is the greatest toy he has ever seen.

My boy still naps about 3 times a day, then goes to bed by 7 every night. Night time sleep is kind of hit-or-miss though, sometimes he's good, sometimes he's restless. The restless nights seem to coincide with the arrival of teeth. He still has just the bottom two poking all the way through, but there is another random one on the top that is making an appearance. Its such a random tooth that when its fully visible he's going to look like a little redneck baby.

I love to squish my boy, or put him on my legs while laying on the floor and let him "fly" up over me. That's his favorite, but I've been drool-bombed quite a few times doing this. He's my handy helper boy, he loves to come into the kitchen when I'm cooking, whether its in his high chair or activity seat, I just give him a handful of Cheerios and he is content for quite awhile.

This boy is forbidden from turning one so quickly. I won't allow it. He's my last baby and I just want to squeeze his cheeks and hug him for awhile more before he decides that he'd rather eat his onesie sticker than play with his mommy.

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