Wednesday, March 27, 2013

House Pictures: Kid's Rooms

There are no more boxes to unpack. Unless you count the small plastic tote of picture frames that need homes, which I don't. So now I can share pictures. Just a room or a couple of rooms at a time.

The girl's room just got completely unpacked and finished yesterday. One box stood there in the middle of the room for the one week we've lived here, taunting me, saying Unpack these books you lazy woman! But I ignored it till I could ignore it no more, till it was the last box standing. And I hung up their shelves and installed their closet shelving by the way buying a house with unfinished closets is a huge pain in the butt and everything in their room is now in its place.

I feel like with kid's rooms they should serve lots of purposes. They need lots of storage, cause there are SO MANY TOYS. And it should look like a kid lives there, but not completely like a kid decorated it because I cannot look at a room full of Justin Beiber posters.

I'll share Witten's room first, there are fewer pictures. The thing about his room is that it is small. The other thing is: I don't care. He's a baby, he doesn't take up that much space. And when he's bigger we can fit a twin sized bed in there. He's a boy, he doesn't need a giant room.

The girl's room has one thing that I am especially grateful for, a giant closet. I built shelves with various hanging rods for all of their clothes, emptying the dresser of everything but pajamas, socks, and underwear. And I also fit in extra shelving for toys, all of the stuffed animals and dress up clothes, and their play kitchen. Its like a whole other room.

With all of the cluttered looking stuff shoved in the closet, the room looks nice and cute. Whenever Ava decides that the recliner is not as comfortable as a bed, we can rearrange stuff and add a second twin sized bed. Someday.

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