Friday, March 1, 2013

Kid #1

Life is busy. Life is hectic. But still, we keep going. Days are blurry, they pass quickly. This girl keeps insisting on growing and crap like that. I disagree with this, but apparently I have little control over the passing of time. I have to stop sometimes just to remember what life is like right. now.

Starting with my Alana-bana, this is what is happening 'round these parts:

  • She. Can. Read. It amazes me, this ordinary thing we all take for granted. I guess at some point we all learned to do it, but it still surprised me when she reads me an entire book. She is smart and a good student, and dammit my kindergartener can read. Is nothing sacred?!!!
  • Coloring, its kind of her thing. She draws, she paints, she colors, she writes crap on paper to give to people. Call it what you will, she is a masterpiece factory.
  • Friendliness is her middle name. Well, not literally, its actually Lily. But you now, she is one happy-go-lucky girl. Everyone is her friend and she is nice to everyone. I don't quite understand it, but she sees the good in people. She is my sweet lady.
  • Baby fever.  But not our baby. Witten is now old news, since Alana has a new cousin. She made him cards and drawings, incessantly asked when she could see him, and told everyone she met about him. She likes 'em young I guess, 8 month old babies aren't as fun, they pull your hair and chew up your homework.
  • Playing, morning, noon & night. Playing must be happening if there is time in the day. I'd like to say that the playing never includes fights with Ava over dumb things, but that would be a lie. They still play though, debates over Barbie clothes and all.
This oldest kid of mine still catches me off guard with how great she is. She has wild hair and a killer smile, I can never stay mad at her or with her brattiness. She is loud and crazy and loves to sing pop songs over and over and over again. And she's mine, that's the best part.

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