Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Milestones: 8 Months

My boy. My baby boy. Make him stop growing. He's already 8 months old people. 8 months!!! Time is going by faster than I can even acknowledge. I hate it. I love this boy too much for him to grow up so fast.

My boy is all muscle, weighing in at 18 lbs, but he doesn't look like he's that heavy. He works out, you know. He is a professional sitter-upper now, rarely tipping over, even when he sits on the floor quietly playing for 30 minutes. He is content to just sit and chew on his toys, or you know, whatever is within arms reach. He will chew on anything he can grab, I have to tell the girls that all the time. Right about when he is trying to eat their hair.

He eats whatever foods we give him, but most of the time we feed him bits of what we have. His personal favorite is the homemade rolls I shared with him today, he was grabbing me trying to get more. He still nurses for every meal, so other foods are just snacks to him.

His hair is getting longer on top, and he never got a bald spot in the back because his hair is so thick. I refuse to cut his hair until after he turns one, but he is far from having a mullet so its all good. I think his chubby cheeks are my favorite thing, I love to squeeze them and kiss them and just squish him all over. His lips are also extremely kissable, I'm gonna have to fight the chicks off with a stick to leave my studly boy alone.

He has many marketable skills, like shaking his head no, smiling and clapping when I come into the room or come back from taking Alana to school, putting everything in his mouth, and trying to pull himself up to standing even though he doesn't crawl yet. He is probable the cutest and most talented dude ever.

I cannot imagine my life without this sweet boy. One year ago I found out that I had a dude growing in there, and I wasn't exactly hyped about buying up all of the blue/monkey/baseball things they offer for boys. But now that I have my dude and continue to dress him in all of the blue/monkey/baseball clothes he owns, I would not trade him for any little girl and the bows/frills/pink that comes with her. He is my sweet buddy boy, my kissable studly handsome guy. I want to hold him and smell his head while he's still little, and I let him sleep on my chest daily, because really how long does that stage last? I'm happy for every moment I have with this dude, even though he insists on growing up.

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Brian and Janette said...

Can I get an AMEN!! Love me some boys!


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