Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kid #2

This is my chubby Ava Jo. She is quiet and reserved, then moments later loud and inexplicably telling you her life story. Right now my Ava is busy growing and talking incessantly and singing along to the radio. Things that are currently happening with Ava round these parts are:
  • TV shows are pretty much her life. Sofia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirates ARE REAL PEOPLE TO HER. Every imaginary scenario she comes up with when she is playing involves them. They are like family.
  • I have to cut her fingernails when she is asleep. I don't know why she is so opposed to it, but she FREAKS OUT when I try to do it when she is awake.
  • I grow increasingly jealous of her eyelashes as time passes. They are thick and dark and long and beautiful. Mine are the opposite of all those things.
  • She will cry over being looked at sternly, but five minutes later she has already forgotten she was upset. Grudges aren't really her thing.
  • Donuts are what she lives for. Who doesn't? She will willingly eat fruits and vegetables, but not unless you suggest them and/or place them out to eat in a social setting. If I offer her carrot sticks she opts out, but if I sit with her in the living room and eat them, she is all about the carrots.
This sweet second baby of mine surprises me with the crazy things she says, then she surprises me with her cuteness, then she really surprises me with her temper. She for real yelled "I DON'T LIKE TO BE WRONG!" the other day. And she was serious. She's a whole mixed bag of emotions, I'm never quite sure which one I'm going to get from her. But she's mostly sweet, and with her cute little voice she can pretty much get away with being a butthead on occasion. As long as she's my butthead.

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