Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Work in Progress

In my quest to live a box free life I have been unpacking crap 24/7. I've been on the I'm moving and too busy to eat diet, so I've eaten way too much trail mix lately. Boxes have been emptied and its safe to estimate that 89.5% of our stuff is put away.

We still have a grill and a weight bench at our old house, but I'm in no hurry to pick them up. I paid rent till the end of March there, so my grill is allowed to stay where it wants to.

I barely finished folding my weeks worth of laundry, since in an effort to move as few things as possible we sold our old ugly washer and dryer and bought new, fancy, beautiful, energy/water efficient ones. That's all fine and dandy, till you have to go 8 days without washing clothes with 3 kids. I didn't make it that full 8 days, cause a kid peed in my bed, so to the laundromat we went.

I've posted a handful of pictures on Instagram of our house, but the lack of phone jacks because who needs a phone jack anyways??? left me internet-less until the phone company could send someone to install a phone jack. Progress has been made, but more work is required. And I'm tired, and ready to resume a box free life.

For every area that looks like this:
There is another area that looks like this:

For all of the areas that are nice and clean like this:
 I have a huge spot on my dining room table that looks like this:
 Instead of folding laundry or doing something productive like this:
 I decorated a shelf like this:

Since I took this pictures I've made A LOT of progress. Like, unpacked the last box and I'm so close to being done I can taste it. There is a line of picture frames in the hallway that needs hung up/the pictures changed out. Other than that, things are getting accomplished. More pictures to come!

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