Monday, November 26, 2012

Things That Happened Recently

You know when you really like a blog and enjoy reading it and stuff and one day they decide they no longer feel like blogging and seemingly drop off of the face of the earth? Yeah, that didn't happen here. I'm just lazy. And life keeps on going and I keep on taking pictures of happenings and mundane daily activities and I fail to do anything with said pictures. And then a week goes by and I don't blog and barely do any homework and instead eat about 2 dozen sugar cookies.

So now what do I do? Ten different posts about various life events including but not limited to: Alana went to girl scouts, Thanksgiving, Alana's Thanksgiving school thing, Witten is five months old today, Ava is my forgotten middle child who is happy to just eat cookies with me and watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Those things are blog worthy, but they are getting all smushed into one post. Except maybe Witten, he can have his own, I like him best cause he still naps.

Coming up first in the past week's events: Witten can roll over. He wouldn't when I got out the camera, he wasn't feeling it. But he totally can, trust me.

Speaking of Witten, he is totally getting his chubs on. He looks especially chunky when he's asleep.

And his first Christmas is coming up. He loves the tree, it makes a good babysitter.
Of course he had to get his first ornament to mark the occasion. Our tree is covered with girly stuff and princesses, Witten is hoping to balance it out with some manly stuff like robots and ninjas. Or this owl that his mom obviously picked out.

His manliness makes up for his not as masculine Christmas ornament.
While we were decorating our Christmas tree I had a shocking realization that Alana has grown up way too much in the past year. This realization was brought to me by an ornament she made last year compared to an ornament she made this year. Too much growing up is occuring here!
Currently my kids are obsessed with picnics and tent building. Can't do just one of them either, the ideal situation is a picnic inside of a tent. And the more random the assortment of foods the better. This picnic included grapes, Doritos, pumpkin cookies, and marshmallows.

Last Tuesday Alana went to girl scouts for the first time. She thought it was fun because they did a craft and that's kind of her thing. She will attend any group/club/event where she is given glue and construction paper and allowed to make stuff from it. They had her at You can make fun stuff with your friends! They had me at Its free and you can use it as an incentive to get her to go to school!

On Wednesday I made 50 mini pancakes for Alana's class Thanksgiving party, which actually isn't as much work as it sounds. Then I took them over to the school to watch the "Pilgrims" and the "Indians" exchange pasta necklaces and then eat pancakes and sausage, just like the first Thanksgiving. And since I seem to have gotten the reputation of crazy camera lady I took a class picture, some pictures of Alana with her friends, pictures of Alana's friends that she's not even in because "Hey Alana's mom take our picture" and a group shot of all of the kindergarteners.

And if I wasn't behind on blogging before Thanksgiving I definitely was after it. I had to make 4 pies, which isn't a huge amount for me. And I made cranberry sauce. And I was supposed to make jello, I even bought the ingredients, but then I completely forgot to make it so it will be making an appearance at the Christmas dinner table. Whoops.

Our Thanksgiving routine is fairly predictable and it hasn't changed much over the years. We spend a couple of hours with David's family in the morning, then we go to my dad's house in the afternoon and stay there for the duration of the Cowboys game. The Cowboys play EVERY Thanksgiving, and I'm married to their biggest fan, so he ALWAYS watches the game. This year the outcome was less than desirable so he was sad, but he has had a lot of Thanksgiving wins in recent years so he'll be okay.

It was like 75 degrees outside so the girls played a lot, we watched football, ate turkey and pie, and looked at Black Friday ads. Witten had his first taste of pureed sweet potatoes and he put on a poker face so I couldn't really tell if he liked them or not. It was a pretty standard holiday, nice and low key, unlike stupid Christmas.

On Thanksgiving night David insisted on going to Walmart to buy Brave for cheap. I already have my issues with Black Friday, but I really refuse to go shopping on Thanksgiving, so he went alone. He came back with tales of crazy people ripping open packaging to buy cheap crap. The next day, in spite of my feelings about Black Friday, we ended up going shopping. It wasn't super crowded but we didn't go till like 11 so all the hardcore crazies were done by then. Thanks to that last shopping trip we are essentially done buying presents. Only 29 more days till we open them!

I'm hoping that the next few weeks before the holidays are nice and relaxed, but who am I kidding. I still have three kids, so no matter how few outside obligations I have I still have to feed and dress three kids everyday, I just don't have to dress myself everyday, I aim for every other one instead. Freshly washed hair and non-elastic pants are so overrated. 

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