Friday, July 6, 2012

My One Million Photos: Hospital Pics

This is the second installment of the many, many pictures I have taken in the last ten days since Witten was born. It covers my misc pics from the hospital taken by both my phone (up to the picture of his toes) and my camera. Still unsure how many posts this is going to require, hopefully not double digits.

   Awesome socks. Alana picked them out for me.
My belly on the way to the hospital.
I still manage to paint my toenails, even at 9 months pregnant.
Just born.
The hospital hat was too gender neutral.
He was trying to eat his hands. Nobody feeds this guy.
Ready to go home.
Holding my new little guy, after they cleaned the slimy stuff off of him.
Both of us ready to go home.

Little boy toes.

 To be continued......probably tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Amy and Luke said...

hey, where did you get that hat? did you make it? it's awesome and my little dude's going to be born right in the middle of fball season!

Jennifer said...

I got it off of Etsy. I was looking for a Dallas Cowboys one but this one was way cuter. And I got it in 0-6 months so it should fit him for awhile because its a little big right now. And the lady had them in the colors of all the teams, we just had to get blue for the Cowboys.

Amy and Luke said...

I looked on Etsy right after I wrote you but there were SO many. Do you mind emailing me or giving me the name of the shop? I like this one better than the ones I found. Thanks.

Jennifer said...

Yeah let me look it up.


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