Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July

This July 4th was pretty low key. Like it didn't even feel like a holiday because it was on a Wednesday and it rained all day and we mostly stayed home cause we had an eight day old baby. It was my due date, which was weird. And I really just wanted to stay home and lay in bed with my baby, but we only did that the first part of the day. The second part was filled with driving to various people's houses, eating BBQ, and lighting sparklers. Ava liked the first one she lit, but then she touched the hot part and wanted nothing else to do with them. Alana was a fan, just like last year. But they didn't hold anyone's attention as much as they held David's. Then we came home and I finally got to go to bed. That's how I prefer to spend time. You're supposed to do what you want on a holiday right?

Family pics for this year.

Family pics from last year. Just for the heck of it or for the sake of comparison. I have way more hair and more kids this year.

David really likes sparklers, but our pics weren't as cool this year as last. Should've looked up my camera settings from last year, cause I was drawing a blank.

That glow necklace provided a lot of entertainment for only $1.

Me and Witten and the belly that comes with having given birth 8 days ago. And my 2 cute ladies, who I had to pull away from staring at a tarantula to take their picture.

First 4th of July. And he already loves BBQ.

Taking pics with our little guy.

David had to wear a Cowboys jersey, because they're America's team. And it says Witten, cause that's who we named our little guy after.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more baby pics. Probably. Its pretty likely.

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