Thursday, July 5, 2012

My One Million Photos: Delivery Day

 This is the first installment of the 500 pictures I've taken in the last week. It is to be continued in an unspecified number of posts. We'll see how long it takes to run out of pictures.
38 weeks and 6 days - right before we left for the hospital. Of course they wouldn't let me take a picture by myself. Or smile for the ones they insisted on being in.
Last pictures of me pregnant. They should make hospital gowns for normal sized people. Or at least some with shorter arms. I was drowning in that thing.
David pretending he knows what discomfort is. And of course he had to wear Cowboys stuff, because what else do you wear to the birth of your son who is named after a Cowboys player.
First pics of him. Still all slimy. Avert your eyes from his man parts.

Me and my new little guy.
Me and my THREE kids.

Happy David and happy ladies.

Crib card. Pretty self explanatory.

The girls got "cigars"

My perfect new little guy.

To be continued......probably tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

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