Monday, March 12, 2012

Remote Controlled

My camera self-timer and I are only reluctant acquaintances. I just kind of hate pushing a button and then running to get into the frame with everyone else. Its awkward. So for my birthday I got a remote, still kind of awkward, but a great improvement. No running. I set up the camera, set all my settings, focus and then calmly walk to my spot.

I've now used it a few times to take pictures of just me by myself, cause David was at work and his patience with photography is limited. He takes a few, doesn't really care what he is taking them of, and he is done. If I'm by myself I can obsessively take the same picture until I'm somewhat satisfied. Until the depth of field is just right, I'm not standing at a stupid angle, my hair isn't in my face, and I just don't look too dorky. The only real trick is hiding the remote.

We even used that handy little thing to take a new family picture. And a tripod, that was also helpful. We take a standard picture every holiday. The obligatory Christmas tree and such. Most of those pics include the front porch of my parents house, cause that is the best place to take a picture at their house. There is a flower bed you can sit on and a trellis with green things growing on it. But an actual pic that I planned out had been neglected for awhile. I hadn't changed the family pic or my kids standard pictures on the wall since Ava was 6 months old. A lot of growing has taken place since then. So thanks to my remote for the family pic and my increasing belly shots, and then my own skills taking pics of my ladies the pictures in my living room are now current and with the help of my remote once again I can update the family one when this next one is born.

Remotes are a handy invention, even though I wish I could be on both sides of the camera at once, cause ultimately the ones I take from behind the camera are much better.

23 weeks last Tuesday. And my remote skills are getting better the more of these I take. It helps if I'm alone and not rushed. Or being asked to share the remote with the girls, who take it when I'm not looking.


Kerri said...

Ha. Your husband sounds like mine with the camera. He'll humor me with one belly shot, and then he's done. I totally need a remote.

Love these family shots. Such a good looking family, soon to be completed with a little man!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I'm really picky about these pictures, cause I don't think its just me but this is an awkward way to stand. But standing any other way doesn't have the belly impact that sideways does.

Joanna said...

Love the family pics! And I definitely am a photo maniac... I can take 60 pictures of myself in like 10 minutes trying to get that "perfect" shot...

Anyways, I hope I have kids as fantastically adorable as yours are!!


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