Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whoever Said That Never Met Me

You know that expression Don't sweat the small stuff? Yeah, whoever said that clearly has never met me. While I have the capacity to be laid back and easy going, there are plenty of times when I am far more tightly wound and borderline obsessive.

Yesterday my desktop computer wasn't working. So I tried to fix it. But I was trying to do other things and enjoy my spring break and be lazy. The computer clearly had one or more viruses. I've had it for six years, I know when its sick. So to me the natural solution was anti-virus software. It has always worked in the past, somehow I've had the same computer since 2006 and I've never had to pay someone else to fix it. The anti-virus software was the equivalent of taking someone else's antibiotics cause you're sick and you think you know what's best for you. Why do people even have leftover antibiotics by the way? You are supposed to finish them even if you're feeling better. Anyway, the computer did not improve. It got worse. It no longer connected to the internet, even after I uninstalled the software and restored it to a previous point. Dr. Jennifer did not cure her patient, and the computer is considering a malpractice suit.

That whole Don't sweat the small stuff thing could've come in handy about then. Cause when something breaks, and I need it to work, I become obsessive. I tried everything I could think of and it still wouldn't work. Then I tried the suggestions of everyone on Facebook. Still nothing. Then David tried, but he has never fixed it before so I wasn't optimistic. Then I mentally broke down my insistence to never pay for computer repair and decided it was probably inevitable.

I listed my laptop on Craigslist, via my handy iPhone. I listed it for super cheap, cause I had not in recent history been able to connect it to the internet. Someone called about it right away, cause it was a good deal. Then, just to make sure, I checked to see if it didn't work. With my new router that I bought to prevent using too much data on my phone, I tried to connect to my wi-fi network with my laptop. And it worked. It must've been a computer miracle, cause I haven't touched that thing in six months, and now I'm typing on it. Sorry guy from Craigslist, but I'm not selling you my practically brand new laptop for super cheap if it works.

Now my laptop works but the desktop doesn't. So it has gone to the computer doctor, who is one of David's high school friends and is giving me a good deal. Hopefully its not too expensive, since I'm no longer selling this computer.

I really could benefit from the whole Don't sweat the small stuff thing. Maybe not become too obsessive about fixing things and be grouchy to kids who interrupt me while I'm sitting on the floor trying to reset the router for the tenth time. Maybe next time.

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