Thursday, March 1, 2012

Joint Custody

For the record, I was opposed to getting an iPhone. I think they're cool and all, but there was nothing wrong with my old phone. It functioned properly, had a full keyboard, and had 2 years worth of pictures on it. I see no real need for a smart phone, because I'm home most of the time with my computer and I have no need to go on the internet away from there.

I will admit however, that the phone is cool. Too bad I'm not the only one who thinks so. I only have my phone for a small fraction of each day. The rest of the time I've hidden it from my children, or they're playing on it. I do accept partial responsibility for that, cause I'm the one who put kid friendly apps on it. I really love The Monster at the End of This Book, so who could blame me. They think my phone is for their personal use. Barbie games and Winnie the Pooh books do nothing to convince them otherwise.

I find myself having to limit how long they can use it, because Alana will spend the whole day listening to Bruno Mars and playing Angry Birds if no one stops her. And Ava will just nicely ask pretty please until I die from cuteness and then she takes my phone after I've died and retains custody of it. Curse the coolness of the iPhone, even though I still think its unnecessary. And I don't think my camera appreciates its presence either, since I've only used it to take 3 pictures since I got the new phone with its fancy 8mp camera.

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