Wednesday, February 29, 2012


My phone camera is good, but sometimes leaves a bit to be desired.
Embarassing public singing. Thanks Nicole for ratting me out.
Alana was looking nice. Its all about the accessories. Giant cupcake necklaces are in this spring.
Proof once again that the pictures that I take are superior. Plus Ava is really cute.

Sunday was my birthday. I still don't wanna talk about it. I am no longer in my twenties. 30 is a four-letter word to me. Its a sore subject.

It feels like such a monumental age, but in reality, like you know, the big picture, its not terribly old. Don't try to tell me that though. I repeat, do not attempt to reason with the pregnant woman!

Saturday we went out to dinner at a steak house in Tucson called Pinnacle Peak, mostly for nostalgia's sake, because we used to go there for my birthday all the time when I was a kid. I loved it then cause I could order steak and my siblings were only allowed to get a hamburger. Special treatment for the birthday girl. It was fun this time too, although I'm not attempting to eat a steak pregnant because well, gross. There were so many people there, what can I say I'm popular, that I felt like the only ones I really got to talk to were the ones sitting right by me. I'll have to catch up with everyone else later I guess, I'll catch em when I hit 31.

On my actual birthday it was just a normal Sunday. We ate food that I cooked, watched TV, and did nothing. Nothing to write home about. But it didn't stop me from getting older, this sort of ignoring of the actual day. I wish it had, but no dice. We don't really do gifts for everyone in my family either, so my presents were limited to a camera remote from my mom, which is awesome and my kids fight over, a Visa gift card from my friend Allie that I'm still trying to decide what to spend on, and a masterpiece of a card from my kids, which Ava later bit a hole out of.

I can't stop the years from passing, but I guess I can try to enjoy them while they last. And 30 should be a good one, because 30 is when I'm gonna add my third baby to this already kind of loud and crazy mix. I'm sure he'll make 30 worthwhile, just like Alana made 24 and Ava made 27. 

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Kerri said...

Happppy birthday to you! I know I've said this before, but you really do have such a cute pregnant belly!

30 isn't so bad, I promise.


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