Friday, January 13, 2012

The Post Where I Ramble on Forever

My ladies keep life interesting. Ava goes without pants 90% of the time, but that is okay because she is potty trained. Until a couple of days ago she had a toilet aversion, but I was too lazy to keep trying to get her to use it. Then with some unsolicited encouragement from Alana, Ava suddenly became all about the toilet and discarded the potty. Alana is mostly responsible for the whole potty training mentality in Ava's brain, because Ava only wanted to do it because her sister did it. The only hurdle left to tackle is that she hasn't used a public toilet yet, so we'll see how that goes.

Alana spends most of her time right now playing, or watching The Rescuers Down Under, cause she is obsessed with it. We don't have it on DVD, but the Disney channel plays old movies all the time and we have DVR, so I record them and she watches them incessantly. There is also some iPod singing along going on with her, and if I hear the stupid Party Rock Anthem one more time I'm buying earplugs. Alana was a little lonely the last couple of days, because Ava had the stomach flu and spent most of her time passed out on the couch. This meant I had to put in a few extra hours of being bossed around while playing My Little Pony, but Alana wanted to play with her mommy so how could I say no. Ava is better today, so they're playing mostly nicely together and don't want my input on their game of fake cooking/barbies/babies/la la loopsy guys.

Time is going fast, probably because I have less than a week left of my Christmas vacation. I'm retaking the same biology class I got a C in last semester, and the class that immediately follows it which is taught by the same teacher. Its not too labor intensive with homework, but I need to study more and actually exert effort this time to get an A or a B. Both classes are only 8 weeks, back to back, then I'm done till next fall cause my mid-summer due date won't really give me time for summer school. David is also taking two classes, and one of them is 8 weeks, so halfway through the semester he will only have one class left. He isn't taking science classes though, so they're easy and require little effort. Lucky him.

The big looming thing in our house though is of course the next baby. My kids are obsessed. They squeal at the sight of other babies, so of course they're happy to get one of their own. My belly is growing. My abs have decided that since they know what's coming, this being the third time around for them and they're old pros, they're just gonna wave the white flag of surrender now. They're like Listen lady, you're on your own. I don't care if you're not quite 16 weeks, your belly is gonna start to poke out a little bit now. Ha ha. Despite weight loss, my belly still protrudes at the end of the day. No skirting around it. I'm gonna be wearing maternity pants much sooner this time around. It doesn't matter that at nearly 4 months I still wear all my regular jeans, my abs can't hold out much longer. At the beginning of the day I look mostly normal, but at the end, after a couple bowls of frosted flakes, I look a little more pregnant.

I have various theories on pregnancy amnesia, because if we really accurately remembered what it feels like at the beginning of pregnancy we probably wouldn't do it repeat times. Nausea and all that aren't things most people enjoy, yet we subject ourselves to them multiple times, because at the end we get a cute little baby to hold. Until that baby is 5 and says I know all sarcastically after everything you tell her. Then you question things a little. I now have another theory on pregnancy amnesia: men get it too. If husbands really remembered how.......let's say high maintenance pregnant women can be, they would probably all go out and get vasectomies after the first kid. But they too see the perfect little baby with tiny fingers and toes, and they're struck with a sense of Lets have another! before they know what's happening. I can admit that I'm a little well, bitchy, sometimes. I got mad last week cause I didn't like David's suggestion about what kind of car we should get next. Like, seriously mad. And he didn't just back down and surrender his opinion, which is what any man with a pregnant wife who isn't suicidal would do. He said nothing. The nerve of some people. I still think his opinion was stupid. I'm pregnant, therefore always right. All husbands could benefit from learning to just surrender in any argument with a pregnant person. Logic has no place here people.

Symptom wise, I'm not too shabby. I lost a couple of pounds, but gained a couple of inches. I'm anemic, which was no surprise, but getting myself to actually swallow the iron pills is an uphill battle. They taste gross, and my gag reflex is crazy right now. I also have a repeat of an annoying condition I had with Ava. Thrombocytopenia. Complicated name for low platelets. All it really means right now is I have to have blood drawn in between every. single. doctor. visit. And if it is severe enough come delivery day, no epidural. That was my biggest concern with Ava and I barely made it. Yikes! If that is the only thing that I have to deal with then I consider myself lucky. Until I'm having contractions.

My morning sickness, which is not accurately named, has mostly subsided. My instant ravenous hunger has mostly subsided too. I don't need to eat as often, and I don't get really sick if I get hungry. Food aversions continue, but they're mostly red meat based. And I've discovered in some cases that if I'm not the one cooking the nasty red meat that I can eat it. But I'm not gonna cook it. Gross. I'm more averse to gross smells than anything. My kids are both potty trained, but still require some assistance in the wiping department. I dry heave everytime. Its very unattractive. Also causing gagging: scented candles, the laundry soap aisle at the grocery store, olives, canned raviolis, cold gross leftovers when cleaning the fridge, and the smell of things cooking in the crockpot (roast beef, yuck!) or even the oven (teriyaki wings, sick!).

My ladies accompanied me to my last drs appointment, which was exciting for them. I like them to be involved, and Alana went to every visit when I was pregnant with Ava. They heard the heartbeat, which they thought was cool, but I think the real highlights for them were going to a park with giant jungle gyms in Tucson and then to Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen was a highlight for me too. At my next appointment I'll be 19 weeks, so an ultrasound revealing need to know things will be scheduled after that. That is a highly anticipated event in each pregnancy, because it answers a big question: boy or girl. I must know! Alana's vote is that its a boy, and most people seem to agree. For the first time ever I don't actually have a preference. I already have 2 girls that I love and another would be great, but a boy would be just as cool and I wouldn't have to brush his hair every morning. Girls are high maintenance sometimes. At least if I don't want them to look homeless.

I'm excited for the next six months, but I'm in no hurry to speed up time. I love sleep and both of my girls do too, that's why we all sleep till 8 am everyday. And right after this next baby, which I'm officially declaring to be the final one. I'm washing my hands of this whole reproduction thing after this. Finished. Three seems like a good number, and it means I don't need a minivan. Also after this baby: Alana goes to kindergarten. A whole new scary chapter is coming up for us in 2012, and it involves getting up early and actually leaving my house before 8 am. Time is free to go slowly, that's for sure.

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