Thursday, January 19, 2012

Before I Start High-Fiving Myself

I love Turbo Tax. It takes the guess work out of doing your taxes. Its cheap. Its easy. But its not idiot proof. Or pregnant woman brain proof. I've demonstrated that twice now. My downfall is the whole personal information section. I double and triple-check all my numbers and everything, but I can't seem to get my own name right. Yeah, my own name. Or my kids.

When I was pregnant with Ava I entered my own last name as my middle name instead, so my return was rejected and I had to fix it. This year I mispelled Alana's last name, so my return was sent back to me this morning. They get all preachy like This name does not match the social security number we have on file. And I'm all like What? I double and triple-checked everyone's social security number! Cause I did. And this year I double-checked my own name. But I didn't double check that I added the necessary "i" into the spelling of Alana's last name. Whoops.

So I found myself fixing a dumb mistake, then re-efiling and crossing my fingers that I fixed it and they still refund our money on the day I'm hoping for. Before I start spending that money in my head I should check my spelling, cause I'm prone to dumb obvious mistakes. And I'm gonna blame my pregnancy brain, cause last year I wasn't pregnant, and I did nothing stupid on my tax returns. Coincidence? I think not.

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