Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm Fine with My Old Beginnings

Its a new year. Well, like two weeks in. Most people make resolutions, because there are things about themself that they want to improve, or change, or sweep under the rug and pretend it doesn't exist. Time to eat healthy! Time to exercise! Time to be nicer to people! Time to get my finances in order! Those are all great and I'm sure everyone has good intentions, but realistically by the time February rolls around everyone will be back to normal.

February, the month when no one cares anymore. You can once again eat decadent desserts and drink soda and cuss at other drivers with your kids in the car. Carpe diem! February is the month where everyone looks like a hypocrite for even making a new year's resolution in the first place. Or March, for the really strong willed people.

That is why I don't even bother. Resolutions are for people who want to change, and I'm great the way I am. I could probably be a tad more patient, but I'm pregnant, so my hormones are mostly in charge right now and they say HURRY UP PEOPLE! I'm not going on a diet, cause I love oatmeal cookies, they're great for breakfast and have lots of fiber! I'm not starting some vigorous exercise routine, cause Hello people I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and not about to get any skinnier before July. My abs aren't going in the 6-pack direction, unless your definition of that is someone who just drank a 6-pack.

I'm not making drastic changes in 2012, cause I like my life. Its fine the way it is and I would probably quit before February just like everyone else anyway.

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