Thursday, January 5, 2012

And Then There Was Christmas. And 1,000 Barbies.

To say that David goes overboard when it comes to Christmas is a crazy understatement. Alana's first Christmas the presents were piled up practically to the ceiling. Not kidding.

See? Those are just for her. He may have toned it down a little in the past five years, but we still have a lot of presents under our tree. We were done with our shopping. Then we went to Disneyland, where our girls got toys for then, plus a couple of things that David saved till Christmas. Then when we got back we went to Target and ended up getting them each about 2 toys. Then we went to Walmart, where we saw a bike for Alana that we couldn't pass up, so Ava had to get one too. So excessive is the best word to describe our Christmas each year.

This year we did our usual pre-Christmas with my mom. One Barbie each. Then Christmas Eve, 2 Barbies each. And a creepy Bratz doll that scares me. And a massive dollhouse, perfect for putting Barbies in. They like to use both the elevator and the toilet. Who knew? Then Christmas day. Santa just brought the bikes, which for future reference I now know not to assemble a tricycle at nine thirty on Christmas Eve. But Daddy, he is way more generous than Santa. Each girl got a Barbie, of course, but then we got Beast/the prince from Beauty and the Beast (he can be both, depending on his mask), Pocahontas, and wedding Ariel. Plus they got La La Loopsy dolls, shake and go Cars, playdoh, My Little Ponies, Pet shop guys, a Leap Frog laptop, and pretty much every possible toy. Then we went to my parent's house. That meant one more Barbie for Alana, and the much coveted La La Loopsy treehouse. Seriously, she has wanted that toy forever, she is spoiled by her Aunt Moe. Ava got a cute stuffed La La Loopsy too, which she loved, and they both got new purses and tons of new jewelry that surprisingly all made it home and didn't get lost. A Christmas miracle.

David and I got our standard stuff we picked out for ourselves. I got a new lens. He got a Cowboys sweater. And hats. And everyone got a bunch of candy in their stocking, which we still have a lot of. I'm kind of tired of it, and I didn't really eat that much of it. I don't care for Pez either, so there's no temptation there.

Then we ate turkey. And m&m smores bars. And Alana carried the car around. Then we came home and I made excuses as to why I couldn't open every Barbie they got. My hands were tired.

I enjoyed this Christmas, which was our last one with just two kids. That very thought is scary and makes me sad cause I've really loved just having my two ladies, but my belly is growing and that kid isn't staying in there till after next Christmas. This was a good year, and both my girls were big enough to open everything on their own, which was a first, and the last time I don't have to open stuff for a couple of years.

The bittersweet feeling left at the end of Christmas day has always left me feeling a little sad. All that build up, all those Christmas shows on our DVR that will get erased after countless viewings, all that sad ripped up wrapping paper, the huge pile of toy boxes that I will be getting rid of well into January, and the knowledge that all those pretty decorations are coming down in a couple days, they always leave me feeling bummed out. I get over it quick though, by New Years I'm normal, the tree is down and my living room looks all bare again with the color of the Christmas lights. So till next year Christmas, farewell.

Christmas baby and her jammies.

Awkward timer shot. I need a remote so I don't have to run to get in the picture.

Christmas jammie girls.

Christmas Eve. Alana talked me into letting her wear lip stain. She looks old. I don't like it. She also managed some time with the flat iron in there too, her hair looks so different.

A few of her gifts.

You can tell Ava's feelings about a present, cause her face gets all crazy.

One obligatory present picture for each of us.

New bikes. Alana will probably have her training wheels on till she is like 8, just like me.


Mary Nevin said...

oh i remember many a christmas like this in our house growing up. your sweet girls look so happy!! with 2 girls, my dad experienced plenty of barbie overload, i remember one year he told us that santa's barbie part of the factory was broken so we'd have to wait until it was fixed to get anymore barbies :)

glad you guys had such a wonderful holiday!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! Hope yours was good too!

Amy and Luke said...

OMG, there's one picture that Alana looks JUST like David, not like she doesn't most of the time anyway, but that 'crazy' face that Ava is making, she looks like you....ha! Are you having a boy or girl? Or when do you find out?

Jennifer said...

I don't know what I'm having yet, but I can't wait to know. I'm 14 weeks, so after my next drs appt at the very beginning of February my dr will schedule an ultrasound for like 19 or 20 weeks, so mid February. I really want to know so I can buy some baby clothes, but for the first time ever I don't care whether its a boy or girl. I'll be sure to update my blog when I know!


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