Saturday, January 7, 2012

In Hindsight This Post is Depressing

The day before we went to Disneyland was one of big plans for me and David. A much anticipated event, for David, was scheduled for that day. Cowboys vs. Cardinals. Here in AZ. And we had tickets. Expensive 4th row tickets. It was set up to be a fun day.

Except that they kept the stadium roof open, so I was freezing the whole time. There was also this creepy fog for at least the first 100 miles, so we had to drive really slow, and you couldn't even see the mountains, which was disorienting. And the lens guidelines online were wrong so I didn't bring a zoom lens, which would've been awesome given our 4th row seats. And then there was the end of the game. The loss in overtime, which was disappointing to say the least. In our pictures we look all happy, because it was before the game. But afterward, my poor husband was mad. That was the second time in a row that has happened. We go all the way to Phoenix to watch his beloved Cowboys, then they lose at the last second. Crap.

The loss was one thing, but then we had to go get on the shuttle back to the parking lot 3 miles away, and the line is long and filled with hecklers. After every game there is a winner and a loser, and the thing about rooting for the team that lost is that all of the fair weather fans come out to talk crap about the Cowboys. Pissed off Cowboys fans outnumbered the Cardinals fans, even though it was in Arizona, but that doesn't stop dumb drunk fans of a team that has never won a Super Bowl from talking crap.

After our long trip back to our car, then the wait to battle traffic to get out of the parking lot, we missed the turn cause we couldn't get over and had to make an illegal u-turn in a random parking lot. Then cause everyone wants back on the freeway it takes about 30 minutes to get 5 miles on the highway. So we could drive 150 miles back home, so we could drive back in that direction the next day to go to Disneyland. Would've been easier to bear if there had been a Cowboys victory, but fate was not on David's side this year. His football season is over and he has to wait till next year. That won't stop him from wearing Cowboys stuff though, that never changes.

Crappy loss aside, there were a handful of fun moments that day that made it bearable. We got there way before the shuttles were running, and its a long walk to the stadium, so we took a pedicab. That was fun, but that poor guy had to be tired at the end of the day from pulling people behind his bike who didn't want to walk. We had a delicious bag of peanuts, which we made a huge mess with. David make have even accidentally spit some into a person's hair in front of us, but no one can prove anything. We also had some pizza, which was nice and warm and actually kept me warm for awhile. And David had fun. Up until the end.

The Cowboys don't come to AZ next year, so he has a year to recover from the heartbreak. Until then, we'll watch the games on TV, where the only hecklers are all of his friends texting him and talking crap.

He still looks happy and excited. This is before the game.

Various Cowboys players. I wish I'd had my zoom lens, we were so close.

Also before the game, when we were blissfully unaware of the outcome.

So close to the field. There are my stupid football earrings too.

Just a small portion of the giant mess we made with peanut shells. I kicked most of them under other people's seats, but I was left with a few cause we ate so many.

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