Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spoiled Christmas Girls

Someday I will get around to blogging about Christmas. I've removed all signs of it from my house, except for the 1,000 toys that I now have to find a place for. I took down the tree and the decorations, then assembled the giant dollhouse that the girls got from David's parents, and that one toy alone took up more of my time (3 hours!) than any other task this week. Now I'm tired, my shoulder/back hurts from the huge task of dollhouse assembly, and I have to go get blood drawn for pregnancy lab work, and I've put that off for like a month. So I will leave you with one Christmas picture, of my cute spoiled children, then possible before the end of 2011 I will blog about Christmas and the rest of Disneyland. Maybe.


Kendra said...

Your two gals are precious! Hope you had a great Christmas! Happy new year.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! You too!


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