Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Stockings Are Hung and Our Cookies Are Frosted

In the spirit of Christmas I've made far too many baked goods containing butter the past two days. Even some almond roca that I will never make again because the toffee recipe pissed me off so much. If you say to cook something for exactly 12 minutes it should'nt be burnt at 9 minutes. I'm stubborn enough that I retried the same exact recipe, wasting 2 more sticks of butter, which also was a failure. The third try I made my failsafe old toffee recipe that I've made before, sometime in between yelling at David to get out of the kitchen for criticizing the size of the chopped almonds.

Luckily for me every other recipe since then has turned out okay, including a lemon meringue pie, broccoli and cheese soup, double chocolate m&m cookies, rice krispy treats and white chocolate cookies. If any of those had sucked I would've thrown in the towel on holiday baking, and just blamed my absent minded pregnancy brain. We've made other pre-holiday treats too, like peanut butter-chocolate fudge, gingerbread cookies, and sugar cookies. All have treated us well. My kids especially like the frosting, which is eaten in large amounts. Alana's motto is If it doesn't turn your teeth green, its not worth eating.

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope no one eats as many cookies as me, for your sake!

Gross green teeth, but a cute smile.

Alana liked the decorating, Ava liked the eating.
She is invisible behind her magical cookie cutters.
Ava is reflecting on 2011 and the meaning of Christmas.


Amber M. said...

Oh my gosh, your little girls are so darned cute.

Amber M. said...

Oh my gosh, your little girls are so darned cute.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! Cuteness saves them cause they can be bratty too!


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