Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey and Pie

After my annual pre-Thanksgiving bake-a-thon, which wasn't too crazy, just 4 pies and time consuming jello-yogurt stuff, I was ready for the holiday. I was at the peak of my laziness for the week, so I wore an awesome yoga pants/ugg boots combo (pants tucked, in case you were wondering) to get a haircut, made cheese crisps for dinner and called Thanksgiving Eve a day.

Assumingly well rested, on actual Thanksgiving we laid around our house, watched the parade and Toy Story 3, colored, then eventually went to my parent's house at around 1 pm. There I ate my fair share of turkey, but only one piece of pie. Alana also ate plenty of turkey, since she just discovered that she likes it on actual Thanksgiving, and Ava opted for the carb filled plate of mashed potatoes. David watched football, actually admitted that turkey is delicious when properly cooked, took a family picture with us before the game started (a Thanksgiving miracle), then ate some pie and watched the Cowboys win. The girls and I also put together some puzzles with my cousin and aunt, and looked at newspaper fliers although I hate the crowds and refuse to do Black Friday shopping. Then I ate more pie. For breakfast the next day too.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, all of our focus is on the 8 days left till we go to Disneyland. 8 days! My kids were crazy excited to see Santa on TV at the end of the Thanksgiving parade, so if that is any indication of how excited they will be to see him and his reindeer in person during the Disneyland parade we're in for some screaming and loud squeals and plenty of pointing. They're also all happy whenever they see the cheap lighted wreaths hanging from the light poles on the main street where we live, so I can only imagine how exciting Sleeping Beauty's castle all lit up and surrounded by snow will be. 8 days!

Now onto some pictures, even though I'm the laziest person with a dSLR ever and maybe took ten pictures. But they good pictures, so that makes up for it.

She wears Christmas jewelry early to get a head start on festiveness.

Our sunny and 70 degree Thanksgiving.

I made sure to get a pic before they got dirty.

They were hungry!

My pretty festive girls.
At the end of the holiday these ladies are what I'm most thankful for.

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