Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Now That Thanksgiving is Over

I can stop pretending that our Christmas tree hasn't been up since at least a week before Thanksgiving. And I suppose that I will also acknowledge its presence with the photographic proof. So behold, Christmas tree decorating pictures.
Ava wasn't into the whole kissing idea that Alana had. Or she was playing hard to get.
Alana is an expert tree decorator. If you like your ornaments on the back of the tree.

Ava is a firm believer that if your butt is naked the tree will look better.

My elves after they decorated the tree.

If you like your ornaments at the bottom of the tree then have Ava come to your house. She will also set up a candle light vigil under the tree. For whatever, but lets just say something like The Troops. You pick a cause, she places the candles. And refuses to move them.

1 comment:

The Mrs. said...

I'm with Ava, if your tush is hanging out it is just more festive! And makes the ornaments hang better!


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