Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shrick or Shreat

 I had two full-fledged trick or treaters this year, or as Alana says, shrick or shreat. Alana was sick for the trunk or treat that we went to, but I don't think we're gonna repeat that one next year. The lines were crazy long, which is one thing, but then we were trapped in the parking lot, along with like 6 other cars, because people parked in an idiotic way, trapping everyone else in. Not really worth the effort.

Trick or treating was a different story. The girls got way too much candy, loved every minute of it, and gladly said thank you to every house. Alana politely said shrick or shreat, but my stubborn Ava refused. She opted for a less traditional route, and instead said Ham! to every person handing out candy. Crazy woman.
 Of course my bratty girls looked cute in their costumes, Alana the witch and Ava my little Belle. I made sure to take pics both times we went out, since Alana had green hair one time but not the other, and one time it was already dark out when we left, so I was forced to use the flash. Gasp!

 I think I've eaten more of their candy than they have. Although Ava did have a candy eating marathon yesterday, but she doesn't like non-chocolate candy, so she just had Kit Kats and Reeses.

Halloween is definitely funner with little kids to dress up and steal candy from. It seems in Benson most kids don't really stop trick or treating when its age appropriate, cause I saw more teenagers than little kids. If you're old enough to drive, you're old enough to get a job and buy your own candy. And a short dress and vampire teeth don't count as a costume. 

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Mary Nevin said...

oh my goodness, your kids get cuter each time you post pictures!! Love the halloween costumes, looks like so much fun!!


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