Monday, October 31, 2011

I'll Blog After I Finish Cleaning Up Pumpkin Guts

This weekend was semi-eventful. We went to see Puss and Boots, which was cute. We went to Target, which I always love. Saturday night we went to a Trunk or Treat, pictures of Halloween costumes soon to come, cause my ladies are dressing up again tonight to Trick or Treat, and hopefully we'll get more candy.

These things were all fun, but they were brought down a little cause Alana was sick. She had some weird virus that just makes you really tired and feverish for like a day, then the next day you feel okay again. I know she really didn't feel good cause we went to Claire's at the mall, and she loves all jewelry, and I said she could get more Halloween accessories, but she opted out. That's proof of a sick Alana. Ava had it last week, but she had the sense not to get sick on a day when we were getting candy and going to the movies. Despite Alana's fatigue, she was still insistent on going places. She didn't start to feel really tired till we were already in Sierra Vista anyway, so by then if we hadn't gone to the movie she would've been sad. So we went to everything, and the movie was fun, cause she didn't have to walk around. But the Trunk or Treat she went to like 3 cars then wanted to sit down, it didn't help that the lines were soooo long. So she sat at my sister's truck while I took Ava around to a couple more, but the lines were super long, and she only has the patience of a two year old, so she didn't end up with much candy. They get a do-over tonight since its actual Halloween, but they don't need tons of candy anyway, and Ava doesn't like any candy that's not chocolate. Alana actually ended up with more candy, cause her cousin Jayden did his good deed for the day and shared some of his with her. Who says chivalry is dead?

Sunday everyone was well, so we carved pumpkins. Well, the girls and I did, cause David had to do important things like watch football/do homework. I don't know how football helps you do homework, but I'm not a man. Alana cleaned out her entire pumpkin herself, she's a champ. Then she and Ava drew faces on them for me to carve. Alana's was a face, with a mustache, Ava's was random two year old drawings, so I carved a cat. After my three pumpkins were carved, I deemed myself a master pumpkin carver and called it a day for Halloween festivities. Now we just have to Trick or Treat and dress up one more time, then we'll call it a year and continue our countdown to Thanksgiving and our Christmas Disneyland trip.

Ava was designing her pumpkin. Its a masterpiece.

Before cutting them open, while Ava would still touch it.

Alana drew a lovely face, then signed her name. She's a genius.

You can barely see Alana's candy corn earrings, she's so festive.

After the pumpkins were "designed" and cleaned, but before they were carved.
I also "baked" some cookies. Delicious.
She's such a good helper, she cleaned out her whole pumpkin herself. Not all those guts came out of her's though, I had a big slimy pumpkin. David took ones of these pics, that's why there's a soda in the background. Wanna Fanta?

My masterpieces.

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