Thursday, November 17, 2011

Excellent Strategy

Alana is five, so she's all grown up and mature and claims to not need naps. Except for the days that are extra tiring, cause you know, your sister is bratty and you've been singing along to your iPod really loud and its just draining, being that cute. On those days, a nap is needed. Her strategy is to fall asleep in a random place in a cute position out of nowhere, so then her mommy must give her extra sleep snuggles and can't resist laying down in the kitchen just to be near her. Advantage: Alana.
It should be noted that she picked out her own clothes that day.

She looks all crazy in this one, I think she even drooled on the carpet.

She fell asleep under my chair while I did homework. Poor mistreated lady.

She always catches me off guard when I find her peacefully sleeping, I have to take a picture so I can remember how innocent she looks, cause it doesn't last long.

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